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Belated Festive Tales

Book Review of Kiss of Christmas Magic: 20 Paranormal Holiday Tales of Werewolves, Shifters, Vampires, Elves, Witches, Dragons, Fey, Ghosts, and More

I actually ‘bought’ this book just after Xmas for the grand sum of 99p which I thought was good value for 20 books – even if some were very short. The book is now no longer available on Amazon as it was intended for a specific time period and snow! Well, we didn’t have that snow here in the UK at Xmas – it came later in January and never was it anything like as deep and cold as it was in the vast majority of these books. However, the lure of xmas and fairy lights and mountains and countries where we get the Xmas card scenery proved irresistible and so I persuaded myself to buy it. Also it has  a range of fantasy ideas in it, some of which were new variations on the theme.

snowy mountain

I shall list all the titles and authors here but not review all 20 books! That would take far too long. I shall just comment on a few that I liked best. But I shall claim 20 in my GoodReads count as I have been informed that novellas count as a book and when does a novella become a novel? Anyone got a cut-off? Is it words or pages? And how long is a page on an e-Reader anyway?

  1. Caribou’s Gift by Eve Langlais

Part of the Kodiak Point series. The caribou shifter  is persuaded to act as Rudolph in the annual Xmas parade because he has the biggest set of antlers (aka rack). And other reasons too of course including romance.

  1. Hunted Holiday: A Vampire Romance by Mandy M. Roth

This is about Paranormal police work in Chicago. The ‘slayer’ is in love with her Vampire boss.

  1. Lost in Winter by Viola Rivard,

As the name indicates – someone lost in the mountains in really bad weather and how they were rescued.

  1. Kissed by Temptation by Deanna Chase,

The Coven Pointe Universe. A sex witch! Witch is partnered with an incubus but both are good and are charged with protecting an angel-to-be.

A sex witch obtains her magic by copulation – and their pheromones spill over to the people around them!

  1. Bear Witness: Pearson Security #1 by Michele Bardsley

Alpha male protects woman and baby from baddy. Classic tale.

  1. A Heart in Winter by VM Black

Vampire wants a human. Human loves her husband. Human falls ill. Can she resist vampire when he offers a cure – but one that means she has to reject her family?

  1. Alpha’s First Christmas by Aubrey Rose and Molly Prince

Wolf shifters who are the runts of the litter form a pack and although poor need to find a way to band together through a celebration.

  1. Witches Shall Rise by Terah Edun

Sarah Web series. Witches and a small town inhabited by fae and witches as well as humans and other magical species. Town ruled by a witch and a teenager with unusual magical powers.

  1. A Christmas to Bear by Carina Wilder

Polar Bear shifter! In N. America’s snowy mountains. Rescues maiden and falls in love.

  1. Shadows beneath the Falling Snow by Cristina Rayne

Elven king prequel.

  1. Home for the Howlidays

Wolf shifters. Familial disagreements. Lovers’ quarrels etc.

  1. Everlastingly by Michelle M Pillow

Snowy mountains again. Ghosts and time re-cycling.

  1. Hunter’s Moon by Shawntelle Madison

Wolf pack – werewolves and their hunters. And unusual and unexpected emotions.

  1. A Ghostly gift by Angie Fox

Just shows what a mistake can lead to – a whole new life and career.

  1. Love Singer by Mimi Strong

World of the faes and special abilities and just what they can be used for rather unexpectedly.

  1. Lord of Misrule by JS Hope

(Vol 1) Reporters . Venice. Saturnalia and its real original meaning?

  1. Blood Deep: Vegas Vampires Book 1 by Jessa Slade

Fae courts and the Iron’ age that fae so dislike mean that fae cannot move into the human world. Yet a vampire may be able to help them. Reluctantly. Conspiracy theorists and human reporters.

  1. A Cold Winter’s Bite by Dawn Michelle

Hunting in the winter – just what do they hunt? And what do they then do with the prey? And who are they anyway?

  1. Dangerous Distraction by Lola St Vil

Part of  the Guardians series. Fallen angels and hearts encased in crystal. Angels that hunt those who have fallen.

  1. Breaking the Stag by Jessica Ryan

Elk shifters and herds and behaving like an animal.

Well we have some new Shape Shifters in amongst these books. We have an elk herd – who behave just like all elk and seem to have forgotten that they are part human. They have sex in human form but only at rutting season – there’s a new one – and don’t have long term mates. They operate exactly like elk in that the males keep together in a bachelor herd and the females together rear the young. The males fight other elks in the elk way with antlers and use the female herd as a harem mating with several at once and spreading their genes about. However, due probably to a lack of new genetic material, the number of youngster being born has dropped very low indeed. Which may encourage the elk-like behaviour – in the eyes of the males anyway. And as the females can only conceive once a year…

We also have caribou shifters and very new one on me – a polar bear shifter – who has difficulty in finding another shifter in the same form – especially as he is not living in the normal polar bear environment! He is very surly as well he might be, being very lonely and somewhat shunned by shifters in other forms.

We have several bear shifters – who tend to be very hairy when in human form – ughh – long beards and hairy chests etc -vampires and wolves of course and a rabbit shifter who actually teams up with the wolves to help them with a problem. Very timid female shifter as you might imagine, especially when meeting wolves!



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