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The Winds Chime

The Windchime Legacy


AW Mykel

A NetGalley Review

This was the first novel by AW Mykel and was originally written in 1980. Unfortunately this shows in a number of places. If it had been updated  – just a little – I would have given it 4 stars but it just fails due to being out-dated.

When it was written the spy world described with Russia and the US and the UK were very true. But unfortunately for this novel we all know that the Russians were very good at trapping people through sexy spies and no-one would be fooled by that these days – after Christine Keeler all politicians and defectors knew only too well to look out for a gift-woman and avoid them like the plague.

Then there is the computer and Sentinel. For its time, the novel was verging on fantasy but this computer is easily imagined today as are the implants and you would need to go further in what it could do – after all Google knows where all the missile silos are!

So update the hardware – the phones, the computers and some of the behaviour and what is an interesting spy novel would become good, but it just missed it for me as it seemed I had read it all before – even the idea of the Nazi plan for later world domination and a mysterious notebook have been seen in other books now – though it may have been the first to have these ideas.

The author has stopped writing but appears to live in Texas but always wrote under a pseudonym so we don’t know who it was but Brash books have some knowledge – I wonder if there are royalties to be paid to him for the re-publication? If so, they know where he lives!

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