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The Newcomer Book Cover The Newcomer
Fern Britton
General Fiction (Adult) , Women's Fiction
HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction
07 Mar 2019

Cornwall is only a page away…

She arrived in the village on the spring tide and hoped to be at the heart of it, knowing its secrets and weathering its storms.

It was to be a new beginning…

It’s springtime in the Cornish village of Pendruggan and as the community comes together to say a fond farewell to parish vicar, Simon, and his wife, Penny, a newcomer causes quite a stir…

Reverand Angela Whitehorn came to Cornwall to make a difference. With her husband, Robert, by her side, she sets about making changes – but it seems not everyone is happy for her to shake things up in the small parish, and soon Angela starts to receive anonymous poison pen letters.

Angela has always been one to fight back, and she has already brought a fresh wind into the village, supporting her female parishioners through good times and bad. But as the letters get increasingly more personal, Angela learns that the secrets are closer to home.

With faith and friends by your side, even the most unlikely of new beginnings is possible.

A story that gradually sucks you in once you realise that this isn’t a village where it is all sweetness and love. This is a village with its normal share of people who both and hate, have grudges and affairs, and generally cause happiness and grief in equal measure.

There is a surprise ending to the mystery of the letters and a few tears can be shed in the last chapters if you are so inclined.

Overall, a well plotted and written book.

PS – North Cornwall can look like this, while south Cornwall has sunshine!

Rough Sea

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