And sail away

The Backpacking Housewife: The Adventure Continues Book Cover The Backpacking Housewife: The Adventure Continues
#2 The Backpacking Housewife
Janice Horton
Contemporary Romance, Romantic Comedy
(19 Sept. 2019)

They say home is really where the heart is… Lori Anderson should be bursting with happiness. Since leaving behind her life as a housewife to embark on an incredible backpacking adventure she’s met a man she’s fallen head over heels in love with and is living aboard a yacht in the turquoise waters of the sun-drenched Caribbean. She should be instagramming photos of her swimming with dolphins and sipping cocktails at sunset….and yet Lori finds herself desperately missing her grown-up family, and her normal London life. But when she’s unexpectedly called home, reality hits hard. The urban bustle she used to find exciting is now just exhausting – and why doesn’t it ever stop raining? If there’s one thing Lori has learnt it’s that you have to fight for what might make you truly happy – so Lori is determined not to let her chance of a little slice of paradise slip through her fingers….

This is the latest in this series but I was new to the books and story.

To summarise. Our housewife had put her career on hold to support her husband and raise the children and then he ran off with her best friend – after her finding them in her bed together.

Fed-up she  filled a backpack and went on an adventure for a year or more. Working in eco-centres; helping animals in sanctuaries and eventually finding a rather dishy man who took her on his research ship as the housewife (! Irony) of the ship to cook etc.  They fall in love and this part of her story begins. With nefarious brothers, idyllic islands, butterflies and adventures.

My main issue was the section at the end of the book – after all the insect life had been killed by spraying with the relevant poison, how come small green butterflies survived? So for me, the ending was trite and spoilt it.

I’m giving this 3 stars for not thinking through the ending well enough.

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