Panto Girl? Guy?

Panto Girl: Panto Is The King Of Satire Book Cover Panto Girl: Panto Is The King Of Satire
#3 (Diva Diaries)
by Kerrie Noor
satire, humour,
Independently published
2 Sep 2019

What do Little Red Riding hood, a postman and a German traveler have in common?

Not a lot, except they are all part of a pantomime in a small town, looking for love, laughter and a bit of Scottish sunshine.

The postman has no idea he rubs Heather up the wrong way. Heather has no idea how to get rid of him. And Helmet the German traveler has met the love of his life but has yet to convince her son.

Panto Girl is the third novella in the Diva Diaries series. A laugh a minute farce set in the world of Scottish amateur dramatics. With pole dancing, chase scenes and romance you find an ending that will have you chuckling in your shoes and wanting to read more

I started this with high hopes which were dashed by chapter 7.

The whole trope about the foreigner who doesn’t understand English slang, especially in Scotland, got old. And the barmy village has been done better.

I failed to finish .

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