Of Blood and Bone Book Cover Of Blood and Bone
Chronicles of The One #1
Nora Roberts
Magic, Fantasy, Romance, Dystopian
Piatkus Books
December 4, 2018

'A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King's The Stand' - New York Times Review of Books 'Breathtaking' - Heat Thirteen years ago, a catastrophic pandemic known as The Doom killed billions. For those left behind, it is a chance to build a new world. But The Doom was no ordinary virus. In some survivors, it awoke strange powers - to heal, to harm, even to predict the future. Fallon Swift has no memories of the old world - but she is destined to shape this new one. Growing up with her three brothers on a quiet farm, she has been protected from danger by her mother and stepfather. Now she must leave them, and learn to fight. Because Fallon is not only a powerful 'Uncanny' - she also has a pivotal role to play in the bloody battles ahead. A war between good and evil is brewing, and Fallon - young, tough, headstrong - must be ready. A sequel to the number one bestselling Year One, this breathtaking novel of love, war, family and magic is a gripping and deeply satisfying continuation of an extraordinary new trilogy.

I’m always a fan of Nora Roberts like so many readers, especially when she gets her ‘witchy’ hat on, and whilst this isn’t a witch story, it has plenty of fantasy for Nora to spin into a different world time.

I also like Apocalypse books when they have something new to offer but the standard vampire/ghoul/zombie stuff, doesn’t do it for me. Here we have a different ‘Doom’. Yes, it is a virus but there we leave the trope to find our way into a new world with Fallon our heroine.

Nora Roberts has good heroines. They are smart, they are feisty and they get things done. They have a destiny and aren’t afraid to pursue it.

Nora mixes up the heroine’s story with that of a community coming to terms with the new world order. As her first foray into the new world order and apocalypse fantasy writing, the story reads well and has great promise for future instalments.

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