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Cupcakes and Motorbikes – hmm – what a combination!

 An Honest Review for NetGalley
Now a motorcycle club is usually synonymous with seriously bad guys. Drug running. Gun running. People smuggling and brothels.
So can there be good clubs? Well if they are for recreation, but the one n this story doesn’t seem to be.
This story doesn’t make it clear just what this club does and yur imagination is left to ponder and wonder – they don’t want drugs on their turf but do they do other bad things? And do they smuggle drugs on other clubs’ turfs?
This left me confused and conflicted about the story.
I always love a woman who can fend for herself and who can take on unsavoury (but not exactly illegal) work because it pays the bills. But here the job was ok but I wasn’t at all sure about the boyfriend. Yes an alpha male on a motorbike is seriously hot but?
And a member of a club with a nice wooden cabin and dog?
Just who was this guy and what was this business about the club and him being an enforcer for it?
Now the Chavez brothers – Hector and Carlos I can quite believe in. But please note: Hector Chavez was a very famous person – a Mexican politician and Carlos is a classical musician, so better names could have been chosen.
I know quite a bit about the Colombian drug wars as 
1. I have visited Colombia and Medellin where most of the violence happened; (but are now in much safer condition and very lovely, see photos below; and 
2. I am watching Narcos  and getting a dramatised history. 

I know some Colombians quite well and the country is lovely – away from the jungle. There is a wonderful National Park across the Andes which looks like Switzerland and Medellin is known as being in a state of permanent Spring due to the temperature and lack of seasons. Very pleasant town now.
butterfly 9

Butterfly in Finca Garden

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Finca veranda

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The Cloud Forest outside Bogota

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Cloud Forest and National Park

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Traditional building from Spanish invasion


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And enter the Angel of Death

Azrael is often associated with the Angel of Death – thus we find the angelnarrator chased Azrael after her husband died but was prevented from committing suicide like her husband by a police officer. And a Sean Bean look alike.

But, Andee is an unusual person in that she can see and talk with ghosts. In fact all of her life she is surrounded by these ghosts, who may need her to undertake tasks to free from their place in the world perhaps? Or maybe they are just lonely? It is unclear as the story begins.

What we do have are some very unusual characters with perhaps some demonic possession.  A tensely written narrative and paranormal fantasy as the norm including folk tales and some people who could be mentally ill – or not. You must decide.

An very interesting read that captivates the reader and pulls you into the strange world that the characters inhabit.

A book given for honest review by Xpresso Book Tours.

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How far is ‘All’?

Ah – and just when you thought you were safe – 
you really should never own property with your ex-husband (Stu)  – and when he owns the other half of your duplex – (semi-detached house to us UK readers) then you are in trouble.duplex
And then there is the dog Carrie gets asked to babysit- dogsit – by the person renting her husband’s duplex -not a very well trained dog at that but then Irish Setters are:  Lively, Playful, Energetic, Companionable, Affectionate, Independent and can be 32k as a male and 27inches high. Not really giant but certainly large enough.
They are a very active and alert dog, and enjoy long daily walks and runs. Due to their highly trainable nature, they are usually good off the lead, provided you have trained them with a reliable recall. This of course may vary according to the dogs personality as some Irish Setters are so playful they may develop selective hearing when called back to go home!
This is a breed of dog which does not relish being alone for long periods of time and inactivity may lead to separation anxiety, boredom and destructive behaviour. www.pets4homes and Riley also howled...
So we see all of this behaviour in the story and this is what causes the ‘problems’ with Riley – the dog- and Ryan who was asked by his sister to dogsit Riley but fails to realise all of the above about Irish Setters, and then of course his neighbour Carrie who is the unexpected recipient of Riley’s boredom behaviours. Carrie who owns the other half of the duplex.
Other than the above the story line is not unusual but it is good fun reading. Light, bubbly and well paced. And the dog is delightful.
irish setter


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Challenge: Take Control of your TBR Pile!


Hi everyone! I am hosting a Take Control of Your TBR Pile Challenge as per the Caffeinated Book Reviewer.

To join in just sign up here and then on March 12th look out for the post where there will be surprises for you. Including a free book to be won….

So please let me have your email and links and then we can all play the game! 24 hours to read all you can from your pile….

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Books/Random and interesting items/authors

What am I going to read in 2016?

Well, in February I can’t say definitively all the books I shall read but I do know those that are on my to-read shelf at this moment in time – but this target is always on the move of course…. Some of them have been there a while – I confess I do get excited when a new one arrives and often read that before others, but also try to make a list now, so that I at least can try to read evenly across all my ‘piles’. Especially as i have joined 2 challenges – a genre and a TBR pile challenge. My in-stock books will come in handy there…

And even as I write this and post it, more books are coming….

And some I have promised to review by a certain date so they do have to jump the queue as it were…

I recently audited all these piles so I knew what I had in stock as it were. Good job they are not all physical copies as just where would I put them all?!

I have several to-read piles – the first 7 being digital and where I acquired the books from:

  • NetGalley
  • Edelweiss
  • Curiosity Quills
  • BlogTours
  • Author Requests
  • Publishers’ requests
  • My own digital purchases
  • Hard copy purchases.

And of course, this is not necessarily in the order in which I shall be reading them! Just the title order.

And even then I may not read them all this year – some mbookpileay wait several years to be read – but at least if I know what I have….

So here is a list of what I have in stock ready to be read, sorted in alphabetical order by title. As you can see, I already have more than 140 in stock and yet, I shall still acquire more over the year.

I’ll try and keep this list updated on occasions, but no promises how often! Monthly?

1. 48 hours J Jackson Bentley
2. 6 Hot Alphas various
3. 9 Killer Thrillers various
4. 9 Night ( books) various
5. A Muddied Murder Wendy Tyson
6. A Swift Kick in the Asteroids Edward Zajac
7. Abducted TR Ragan
8. Absolute Instinct Robert W Walker
9. Absolute Liability JW Becton
10. Adam’s Rib Antonio Manzini
11. Affliction Marilee Brothers
12. After the Goode Cary Allen Stone
13. After the Kill Cary Allen Stone
14. Amethyst Heather Bowhay
15. Antigona and Me Kate Clanchy
16. As the crow flies Damien Boyd
17. Auld Bed in Havana John Molloy
18. Awaken his eyes Jason Tesar
19. Baited I Ali Parker
20. Baited II Ali Parker
21. Baited III Ali Parker
22. Before I go to sleep SJ Watson
23. Believing the Lie Elisabeth George
24. Beside Myself Ann Morgan
25. Between friends Kathleen Rowntree
26. Blank Slate Tiffany Snow
27. Blood and Justice Raynen T  Hill
28. Borderlands James Wymore
29. Bragg VI: The Missing & The Dead; Pieces of Death Jack Lynch
30. Brilliance Marcus Sakey
31. Call of the Lycan (3 books) Michelle M Pillow
32. Chosen Denise Grover Swank
33. Colours of Love – Uncovered Kathryn Taylor
34. Counterfeit Conspiracies Ritter Ames
35. Curtain Call Anthony Quinn
36. Dead Detective J.R. Rain and Rod Kierkegaard Jr
37. Defender AK Michaels
38. Delilah West VI Maxine O’Callaghan
39. Demons, Shifters and Witches (4) various
40. Destiny Dark Fantasy (8 books) various
41. Destroyed LA Starkey
42. Digging to America Anne Tyler
43.        Division Zero Matthew S. Cox
44. Elizabeth is Missing Emma Healey
45. Enter Helen Brooke Hauser
46. Epic (14 books) various
47. Epilogue I Jesse Baruffi
48. Epilogue II Jesse Baruffi
49. Epilogue III Jesse Baruffi
50. Even the Dead Benjamin Black
51. Fairest Marissa Meyer
52. Fated mates (12 books) various
53. Fifteen Minutes to Live Phoef Sutton
54. Five Ancestors out of the Ashes Jeff Stone
55. Flee JA Konrath and Ann Voss Peterson
56. Go Down Hard Craig Faustus Buck
57. Gods and mortals (14 books) various
58. Going loco Lynne Truss
59. Gyre Jessica Gunn
60. Havelock Jane. D. Everly
61. Hearbreak hotel Deborah Moggach
62. Heart Conditions Phoebe Fox
63. Heat Holly S Roberts
64. Her brilliant career Rachel Cooke
65. Heroes (lots..) various
66. Horizon Tabitha Lord
67. Hyde Lauren Stewart
68. Ice man cometh CT Wente
69. Jaded Ali Parker
70. Killer confections (8 books) various
71. Killer Pursuit various
72. Kinesis Ethan Spier
73. Kingpin Lili St German
74. Ladd Springs Dianne Venetta
75. Lazybones Mark Billingham
76. London Falling James Craig
77. Love of Livvy JM Griffin
78. Love potion (11 books) various
79. Magic touch (11 books) various
80. Maiden’s Trip Emma Smith
81. Mercy Row  Retribution Harry Hallman
82. Mind over Murder Cary Allen Stone
83. Nightchild James Barclay
84. Noonshade James Barclay
85. Of Scions and Men Courtney Sloan
86. Only the Innocent Rahel Abbot
87. Otto Von Trapezoids Jesse Baruffi
88. Our endless days Claire Fuller
89. Quest (8 books) various
90. Rabid TK Kenyon
91. Return of the Fathers? Trevor Watson
92. Return of the Saboteur James Wymore
93. Sands of Time Christine Church
94. Sara’s Game Ernie Lindsey
95. Season (4 books various
96. Seduced by Innocence Alex Lux
97. Shadows of Atlantis Awakening Mara Powers
98. Ship of Magic Robin Hobb
99. Silver Bullet SM Reine
100. Skeleton Road Val McDermid
101. Sleepy Head Mark Billingham
102. Smut Alan Bennet
103. Solatium Becca Miles
104. Something in the Blood Jean G Goodhind
105. Soul Keeper (series) LA Starkey
106. Stealing Atlanta Cary Allen Stone
107. Storme Warning WL Ripley
108. Tame India Marshall
109. Texas Vigilante Bill Crider
110. Texas Vigilante Bill Crider
111. The Actuator James Wymore, Aiden James
112. The Blow-Up Man Nina Blackman
113. The Burning Girl Mark Billingham
114. The Children Act Ian McEwan
115. The Complete Deemer Dallas Murphy
116. The Crossing Places Ellie Griffiths
117. The Darkest Secret Alex Marwood
118. The Day after Tomorrow Allan Folsom
119. The Fear Index Robert Harris
120. The Green-Eyed Monster Mike Robinson
121. The Gut Makeover Jeannette Hyde
122. The Lubetkin Legacy Marina Lewycka
123. The Miniaturist Jessie Burton
124. The Monogram Murders Sophie Hannah
125. The Novel James Michener
126. The Owl Bob Forward
127. The Owl Scarlet Serenade Bob Forward
128. The Piano Shop in the… TE Carhart
129. The Pitch- City Love 2 Belinda Williams
130. The Right Attitude to Rain Alexander McCall Smith
131. The Silk Merchant’s Daughter Dinah Jeffries
132. The Ultimate (7 books) various
133. The Unburied Dead Douglas Lindsay
134. Theriac Becca Mills
135. Too Close to Home Linwood Barclay
136. Totally Dead Michael Stone
137. Tough Justice Exposed  Carla Cassidy
138. Travels with my Aunt Graham Greene
139. Unbound – Colours of Love Kathryn Taylor
140. Unforgettable You Maria Buscher
141. Vampires are Forever Lynsay Sands
142. Waking Gods Mike Robinson



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