Scheduled to Die

By Alan Cupp

NetGalley Review

4 stars

You have a time to die – set by someone-else – what do you do?

This is a PI Carter Mays Series, Number 2.

When stalking gets out of line- the good pick-up line comes into play and stalking becomes something much more sinister.

There is a circle of criminal behaviour – they tend to operate within areas of familiarity.  A geographic profiler will analyse the crimes committed and can discover this circle of familiarity by certain signatures which identify which criminal has caused these acts. It lets us know the likely place of living of the criminal and/or where they work and socialise, and sometimes what they may work at. An understanding of the spatial pattern of a crime series and the characteristics of the crime sites can tell investigators other useful information, such as whether the crime was opportunistic and the degree of offender familiarity with the crime location.

The criminal profiler’s job is to create a psychological profile of a criminal suspect, which can then be used to help catch the suspect. This is done by examining evidence from the crime, interviewing witnesses and victims, and analyzing crime scenes. Information gleaned from these investigations can then be used to help the profiler determine a pattern of criminal behaviour, which hopefully can be used to find out more about the suspect.

“It’s a combination of analyzing the physical and behavioral evidence, reconstructing a crime from the beginning to the end and coming up with the most scientific determination possible with the information available.”
– The Profiler by Pat Brown

In this book it was difficult to work out the circle of familiarity and as to whether or not these crimes were opportunistic. But he chose single women away from their home and work, and as a sociopath who was charming and apparently trustworthy, would pick them up in bars and so on, and then announce “You are the one I have chosen to kill. What will you do with the days you have left to live?”

He felt that now these women would experience “true” life – you know when you will die (and not from an illness which will inhibit your action) and so your perspective on life will change. Do you go through your bucket list and see how much you can achieve and cross off? Do you buy everything you have ever wanted, designer clothes, yachts and so on, even though you know cannot pay for them, because you will be dead before the bill becomes due?

Or – Do you go to the police?

Going to the police is very disappointing to this sociopath and thus he terminates those women early. Those who go through their bucket list get longer – but he never tells you the exact date of your death..

So here we have the next victim going to a PI instead of the police – does this still count against her? And the PI is left to become the profiler and discover just what the victims had in common and how the sociopath made a living.


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