Gnomes of Suburbia Book Cover Gnomes of Suburbia
Nexus Chronicle Book 1
Viola Grace
contemporary fantasy
eXtasy Books
(1 July 2010)

Abby wants a new life, but magic was never on the agenda. Her new neighbours are great, if you like mermaids, werewolves, and medusi. Adapting to her role in the neighbourhood is tricky as it involves pulling magic between dimensions, but the garden gnomes that she animated try to help when they can. The warlock next door is also a problem, every time he gets near her, her power goes berserk. When a stalker joins the crew and tries to end Abby's new career the hard way, her life is danger and .....

         Well this is a very strange suburban area – with funny magic and animated creatures – the gnomes start to wander and as for the flamingos – they form a flock and fly south!

What we have is a Portal. and it is channelling magic                                                                                                                         

Viola Grace writes amusing stories about very strange creatures – see her stories about the Reindeer – with wit and sarcasm and a vivid adult imagination.

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