The Dead Detective Book Cover The Dead Detective
J. R. Rain, Rod Kierkegaard,
Murder, thriller, occult, horror, paranormal
Curiosity Quills Press
October 25, 2014

Medical-school-dropout police detective Richelle Dadd is... well, dead. But that won't stop her from trying to hold on to her house in a divorce battle with a bitter husband. Or keep her from digging into her own murder, to discover who put the bullet into her heart. And it certainly won't stand in the way of finding out the reason she's been reanimated as a zombie assassin, no longer in control of her life. Richelle will face off against Gypsy shamans, double-crossing ghosts, a partner she can't trust, and her own undead nature in a journey into the depths of the occult world and out the other side without losing her sense of humor - or humanity - along the way. It's a good thing her deductive skills - and her aim - are still up to par.


Now I thought the book was really rude about Canada. In it the Rabbi says about the Afterlife that it it’s like being stuck in Canada, dank and gloomy, full of strangers and weird stores and very old fashioned.

Having been to Canada a few times, I would like to claim that it is not like that at all. It can be very cold true, but Seattle is dank and gloomy. Weird stores are to be found everywhere as are strangers! And old Fashioned? Well apart from New York everywhere that is not London is Old Fashioned…

In truth, I enjoyed this book but felt that it really showed that it had been written by men – some how the female detective just didn’t quite ring true. Especially her relationships with men.

That said, it was an enjoyable book to read and kept up a good pace.

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