The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting Book Cover The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Sting
Nava Katz #2
Deborah Wilde
Fiction, Urban fantasy
Te Da Media
June 26, 2017

After a bumpy start as the only female demon hunter in the top secret Brotherhood of David, Nava Katz heads to Prague for her first undercover mission: unmasking a demon movie star. No downside-until she finds herself up against Rohan's past, the Brotherhood's antiquated thinking, and her own identity issues.

Next in the Nava Katz series and we have some new issues with the female demon hunter. Was she really meant to be chosen? Why not her brother?

This story is a good follow-up to the excellent first book in the series. I like the character of Nava and find her issues quite believable.

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