Immortal and disease resistant? Good idea nanos.


For me, this was the best explanation of how one became a vampire (apart from being ‘changed’) ever.
They are NOT vampires but nano-enhanced Atlanteans.
It seems that the Atlanteans were a very advanced civilisation that unfortunately died out as a result of an earthquake and volcanic eruption.  And then they had been acquiring the blood – those that had the nanos – which was just a small proportion of the population – scientists and the like who had been experimenting with new treatments – from the rest of the population, who were basically just blood cows.
And here’s the biggy. This means that they are effectively immortal as the nanos repair just about every illness, accident, wound or whatever – except chopping off a head of course.
But in order to undertake this repair they do need input – and this is blood. As the blood contains the necessary constituents for them to make new cells and so on.
Bearing in mind that we are constantly in a process of cell death and rebirth, this means that need blood all the time. Though they can eat ‘real’ food in certain circumstances. When in love for instance.
They were hunted by their fellow Atlanteans, who were not genetically enhanced as they objected to being blood cows, and thus there were very few left – and they only have babies once every 100 years. And once they were no longer in Atlantis, the rest of the human population also objected to being blood cows! So the enhanced humans developed fangs as evolutionary response to no longer having blood banks. Thus they could drink direct from a vein.
Along with the enhanced system repair facilities it became obvious that the Immortals had other attributes also, they were fast, they were strong, had night vision which only improved as they hunted at night – which also led to a sunlight sensitivity – and they learnt to control human minds.
And they developed a set of laws enforced by a Council, so that they could live more peaceably amongst humans.
And the novel?
Well I did enjoy it very much and even though it was part-way through a series there was enough explanation – see above about vampires’/immortals’ origins and the family groups, that I never felt lost in the characters and their backgrounds.
So here we have the story of an immortal who falls in love with a human. Not a new story line of course, but well written and the main male likes cats! And thus falls into my main category of ‘heroes’ who are worth reading about! A good gothic fantasy novel. 4 stars.


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And what an offer!

The Burning Offer
Aubrey Parker
(Trevor’s Harem, #1)
Publication date: February 2nd 2016
Genres: New Adult, Romance

The anonymous invitation that someone slipped under my door promises $1,000. Just for meeting a man downtown, in a public place, no questions asked.
I can make more than I ever imagined if I agree to take part in a competition.
Just get into the limousine. Just get on the private plane. Just fly to an airstrip at the foot of the largest, most luxurious estate I’ve ever seen. Just stay the first night, then another. Tell no one where I’ve gone, or why.
Everything in me screams to run away.
The rules say I can leave whenever I want.
So why am I still here?
Goodreads / Amazon
“As I’m sure you’ve figured out,” Daniel says, “you’re here for a competition. You’ve probably also predicted some of the nature of this contest, though I assure you, you could not have predicted it all. Some of you have, quite separately, decided to mingle with these three fine young men here and with each other. That is, of course, your business. Not something we’ve asked or requested in any way.”
Some of the girls look at each other, and even though I don’t want to, I find my eyes turning toward Erin’s. She still won’t look at me. It’s the oddest thing. She and Jessica don’t strike me like the others do, though it’s possible that’s only because the three of us are the newest. But I’d swear, we seem like three peas in a pod. Girls who aren’t right for this scene, even if Erin proved me wrong. Maybe that’s why she’s looking away — because she thinks I’m judging her. It’s also possible, given what happened and the way she looked at me back in my room, that she’s interested in me the way she was in Tony.
Still, something is wrong here. Something I’m missing.
Daniel has paused for a few meaningful seconds. I know what he’s doing —reminding them all that just because some billionaire invited them over and they decided to start screwing around with each other, there was and won’t be any coercion. I’d guess it’s also drawing the first of many lines between the contestants: those who were proactive enough to act early, those who abstained, and those who got their rocks off because they were horny — all contest considerations aside.
My mind flashes back to the mind games Daniel played with me when we met. Games at the website on the card included with my invitation. The survey. The interview. Little things, like Daniel tricking me into admissions I didn’t want to make.
“If your guesses about this competition in any way make you uncomfortable,” Daniel continues, “I’ll ask you to let us know now. I’ll have one of our pilots fly you back the second you’re ready to go, and we will pay you five thousand dollars for leaving.”
He looks around the room. His eyes stop on me for a fraction of a second too long, and a few more heads turn before he moves on.
Five thousand isn’t enough.
Come hell or high water, I’ll stay until morning.
“By staying past the end of this sentence,” Daniel says, “you are waiving your right to any action against anyone here barring overt criminal behavior, as stipulated in the contract you signed earlier.”
My brow furrows. Contract? I didn’t sign any contract.
He pauses again.
“Perfect,” Daniel says when no one objects.
He turns to Trevor, who again stands. The two men nod mutual thanks, and Daniel sits in his chair beside the throne.
“I guess I’ll take it from here,” Trevor says, smiling down at Daniel, “since I’m the one looking for a bride.”

Author Bio:

I love to write stories with characters that feel real enough to friend on Facebook, or slap across the face. I write to make you feel, think, and burn with the thrill that can only come from getting lost in the pages. I love to write unforgettable characters who wrestle with life’s largest problems. My books may always end with a Happily Ever After, but there will always be drama on the way there.

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Facebook

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Heather tells all:

Interviewing Heather C. Myers


 What inspired you to write A Beauty Dark & Deadly? 

I knew I wanted to do a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.  

It’s one of my favorite fairytales.  

However, it was important to me to ensure that my story was different.  I love darkness, but still sappy romances.  I also majored in Criminology, so legal technicalities, miscarriages of justices, and public perception of celebrity legal issues are things I’m interested in.  

As such, the story took shape and I wrote.  I also want to raise uncomfortable questions to make my readers think: would you be with someone who murdered his wife in cold blood for having an affair?  What if he was found not guilty?  What if you could never be sure one way or the other?  What if you did?BeautyDark
 Can you tell us about the love story between Emmy and Jason, without giving too much away?
Jason is isolated and lonely.  He’s dealt with betrayal of the worst kind, and stood trial for murders he may or may not have committed.  He knows he’s famous and there will be women who want to sleep with him and be with him because of his money and notoriety, but he genuinely believes true love will not find him anymore because of his baggage.  Emmy, on the other hand, is young and reserved.  

She’s helping her grandfather with medical bills and taking care of him as best as she can.  But desperate times call for desperate measures, so she goes to work for this man everyone believes killed his wife and her lover.  She wants to hate him – she’s afraid for her life – but she realizes there’s more to him than media perception, and as much as she doesn’t want to explore that, she does.
 Serializing your novel entirely for free is almost unheard of in the publishing industry – both traditional and indie.  What made you decide to do it?
I read a lot business books, and the best advice I ever got was to change your perception on making money.  Don’t ask what value you can get from your readers, ask what value you can give to them.  

I’ve found the most successful I’ve ever been is offering some of my work for free, providing a professional, entertaining product on a consistent basis, and that is my intention here.  It’s a different way to get my work out there, but I’m excited at the new adventure this will be!
 A Beauty Dark &  Deadly is not the only serialized novel your launching next week.  Can you briefly describe them and provide sign up links if anyone is interested?
Of course!
 Love in Neverland – sequel to my dark YA retelling of Peter Pan.  The first book, Death in Neverland is available to download for free here: in case anyone is interested and wants to catch up.  To sign up for the sequel, all you need to do is go here:
 The Art of Persuasion – a clean (though very sassy) time traveling new adult romantic comedy.  A young woman wakes up in the bed of an infamous pirate captain wearing nothing but a short dress.  All she wants to do is go home.  All he wants to do is rescue her.  And save his sister from a hanging.  Whichever comes first.  Sign ups are here:
 Inheriting Starlight – a dark romantic science fiction novel.  One sister is thought to be dead.  One sister is set to inherit a galaxy she does not want.  Both will have to find each other and themselves if they are to receive what they truly desire.  Sign ups are here:
 Author links:

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Hiding Trouble

 Melissa Pearl
 (A Songbird Novel)
 Publication date: February 1st 2016
 Genres: New Adult, Romance
Kelly DeMarco is out of Marcus Chapman’s league. When they met in high school he was besotted with the blue-eyed goddess, but she never gave him the time of day.
High school is now over and the tide is turning.
Five years later, Kelly is job-hunting and the best she can find happens to be Marcus Chapman’s personal assistant. He is thrilled by this second chance and determined to win the beauty’s affections, but Kelly has no intention of falling for the “class clown.”
What you’re looking for can be hiding right in front of you.
In spite of her resolve, Marcus’s playful charm begins to chip away at Kelly’s protective veneer and she starts to realize that tall, dark and mysterious isn’t a requirement, and sometimes Mr. I Don’t Think So can actually be Mr. Perfect.
Will Kelly’s obsession with keeping up appearances push Marcus away or will he have enough drawing power to convince his favorite girl that honest love can outclass anything?
Goodreads / Amazon / Kobo / iTunes
The SONGBIRD NOVEL BOX-SET is only 99c (until Feb 6th)!
Also, if you subscribe for Melissa’s newsletter, you will receive Home for FREE!

TM Teaser #3

TM Teaser #6


Author Bio:

**SIGN UP FOR MELISSA PEARL’S VIP NEWSLETTER TO RECEIVE A FREE E-BOOK. Copy and paste the following link into your browser:**

Melissa Pearl was born in Auckland, New Zealand, but has spent much of her life abroad, living in countries such as Jordan, Cyprus and Pakistan... not to mention a nine month road trip around North America with her husband. "Best. Year. Ever!!" 

She now lives in China with her husband and two sons. She is a trained elementary teacher, but writing is her passion. Since becoming a full time mother she has had the opportunity to pursue this dream and her debut novel hit the internet in November 2011. 

Since then she has continued to produce a steady stream of books, ranging in genres from Fantasy to Romantic Suspense to Contemporary Romance. She loves the variety and is excited about the books she has coming out in 2016.
"I am passionate about writing. It stirs a fire in my soul that I never knew I had. I want to be the best writer I can possibly be and transport my readers into another world where they can laugh, cry and fall in love."

Website / Goodreads / Twitter / Facebook / Instragram


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What name do you give to love?

You Give Love a Bad Name
Marilyn Brant
(Mirabelle Harbor #3)
Publication date: January 24th 2016
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

“Nothing but love, 24/7” is the slogan of Mirabelle Harbor’s only radio station, 102.5 “LOVE” FM. On the verge of turning thirty-five, local DJ Blake 

Michaelsen is well-known for several reasons: his very sexy on-air voice, his omnipresent family, his eligible bachelor status, and his reputation as one of the most impulsive men in Chicago’s northern suburbs.
High-school French teacher and lifelong romantic Vicky Bernier is not at all wild about people who exhibit reckless conduct. (Blake.) Or men who have gigantic egos. (Blake.) Or grownups who still act like teenagers. (Blake, again.) She deals with enough adolescent behavior during the school day. Unfortunately, she’s the staff advisor to the Homecoming Committee, and they’ve chosen him as their DJ for the big fall dance.
What happens when a man whose job it is to play love songs for a living is forced to admit his deepest secret—that he doesn’t believe in true love—only to discover that the one woman who might capture his heart is the same woman who distrusts him the most?
No matter what you call it, with love there’s an exception to every rule. YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME, a Mirabelle Harbor story.
**Note: YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME is Book 3 in Marilyn Brant’s Mirabelle Harbor series, but this story and all of the contemporary romances in this series can be enjoyed as stand-alone novels.

Other Books in the Series:
STRANGER ON THE SHORE (Coming Spring 2016)
And more…
Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble
One of the perks of working for a radio station was that it wasn’t a nine-to-five kind of job. There was some built-in variety.
So, after a long on-air rotation on Thursday, I was still technically on the clock when I arrived at Mirabelle Harbor High School around 3:15 p.m. and was greeted at the office by a chatty member of the Homecoming committee. Alexis something or other. She escorted me to the meeting location.
Whoa. And there was the French teacher babe, pacing in the middle of her classroom. Gotta love “community outreach” and the surprises it could bring. I had a fresh appreciation for the variety of my job. Spice. Of. Life.
I removed my baseball cap and slid off my sunglasses when the babe—Vicky—looked my way.
“Hey, there,” I said, extending my hand to her.
She looked at me suspiciously, like I might be holding a grenade or something. So I twisted my hand a bit, so she could see my open palm. Her smile seemed forced as she reached out to grasp it.
Small hands. Soft skin. So feminine. I reluctantly let go as she pulled away. She seemed a little off kilter, still staring strangely at me. I sent her my most charming smile.
She took a literal step back, cleared her throat, and said stiffly, “Hello, Mr. Michaelsen. I’m Vicky Bernier, staff advisor to the Homecoming committee.”
Very formal and controlled. Hmm, that was no fun. I wanted to throw her off balance again because she was cute when she was flustered and, hey, I was that kind of guy.
So I beamed an even bigger grin at her. “And you’re a friend of my sister’s,” I said, curious to see if that would disarm her or make her more concerned.
From the expression on her face, definitely the latter. Huh.
“Yes,” she said slowly. “I’ve heard a lot about you from Shar.”
Damn. What did my sister tell her to make her scowl at me like that? Couldn’t be good.
I turned my attention to the four teens in the classroom who were gaping at us like we were cast members on some reality TV dating show.
The chatty girl who’d met me at the office was the first to speak. “On behalf of the Homecoming committee, we’re all so glad you could meet with us today, Mr. Michaelsen. And we’re super psyched that you’ll be DJ’ing our dance.”
“Thanks for the warm welcome,” I replied. “And call me Blake. All of you. I promise we’ll make this fun.” But to myself I couldn’t help but add, Whether or not your teacher wants it to be…

Guest Post by Marilyn Brant
Has there ever been a story you’ve wanted to tell — one that hovers on the edges of your imagination for years and involves characters you feel you already know — but you just didn’t have quite the right setting or atmosphere or je ne sais quoi for them yet? 

For me, YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME started as one of those stories. I knew Blake Michaelsen, the local, radio DJ, very well. I knew Vicky Bernier, the high-school French teacher, too. And I sensed, like one of the matchmaking aunties in my family, that “they would be perfect together.” I just wasn’t sure which story world I wanted them to inhabit or what might realistically bring them into contact.
And for the longest time, there’s been a dog named “Winston” — one inspired by a real Havanese/Cockapoo puppy belonging a friend — that I longed to include in a book as well (cue the entrance of that adorable floppy-eared furball on the back of the paperback cover), but it wasn’t until I realized that Blake was his ideal owner and that Mirabelle Harbor was the ideal setting, that this story, its characters, and their conflict all came together. 

It was as if these players were meandering around in my mind…until they just so happened to cross paths in my fictional community and needed to start telling their tale.

Writing fiction can be like that—not all the time, but certainly sometimes. It’s almost like a slot machine with an unknown number of cherries, bars, bells, or sevens. We might test out different combinations or just hope for a lucky spin, but when we can get a good set of images to mentally line up, we hit a narrative jackpot of rightness — a spot where the separate elements coalesce into a complete story. For me, once a magical moment like that happens, I can never imagine pulling the pieces apart again. The formerly individual entities — in this case, Blake, Vicky, Winston, and the town of Mirabelle Harbor — locked into place like a row of 7s. And that cinched the direction of the novel.
I really hope you’ll love reading YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME as much as I loved writing it! Has there ever been a novel you had in your hands where — once you started reading it — you couldn’t imagine any other characters or setting for that particular tale? I’d love to hear about that ;). Wishing you a wonderful week!

Author Bio:

Marilyn Brant is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of contemporary women’s fiction, romantic comedy & mystery. She won RWA’s prestigious Golden Heart Award (2007) for her debut novel, According to Jane, and was named the Author of the Year (2013) by the Illinois Association of Teachers of English. She loves all things Jane Austen, has a passion for Sherlock Holmes, is a travel addict and a music junkie, and lives on chocolate and gelato. The Mirabelle Harbor series is her latest project. Visit her website:
Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest
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