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All one colour? Black or White?


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About the Book:

What would you do to save your most precious memories?

That’s the question that Abigail Bennet, a new mother, must answer in this dark fantasy.

The cries of her new baby throw Abigail into rage and desperation. Frightened by foreign anger and overwhelming depression, the first-time mother decides to end her life to spare the life of her only child. But before she acts on her dark intuition, she is overcome by a panic attack and black outs.

When she awakes, everything is blue: the trees, the grass, the rocks and still, scentless sky above her. Everything except the face of the man who stands over her. He is Ishmael Dubois and claims to be her Guide through the dangerous world of Monochrome, a physical manifestation of the depressed mind. But in a place where good memories are currency, nightmares walk, and hopeless people are hired to bring down those who still have the will to live, Abigail starts to wonder if she’ll ever make it back to her family. Despite her growing feelings for her handsome, mysterious Guide, Abigail must fight for the life she once wished to take or fade into the blue.

Author: HM Jones

This is her debut novel.

Works at Author/Mother/Teacher
Attended University of Missouri, Saint Louis
Lives in Kingston, WA


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Walk after Me

A romantic story by the later major suspense writing author – published in 1994 – it is one of her early stories and thus more in the line of a Nora Roberts suspense novel than what we later come to expect.

To be honest if this had been my book read by gerritsen i probably wouldn’t have read more despite the strong story with some red herrings and blind alleys, but we did find out he perpetrator too early in the story.

However, if you do like Nora Roberts writing as herself, then you probably would like this one too.

3 stars.

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Enter the Reaper – not so Grim

Angela Roquet wrote a great book reviewed here about Lana Harvey from Reapers Inc.  called Graveyard Shift.

I giggled through so much of it, that my husband said he must read the book too.Grim-Reaper

Take all the mythologies man has ever devised to explain the reason why the world operates as it does and forget what you learnt.

All the gods from all  the religions are still alive – at least as long as someone still believes in them, and the more people that believe, the more power and land/territory they have in the afterworld. and along with their heavens come their hells.

So power comes with believers and they fought, and the Grim Reaper had to settle the war and allocate territories and privileges and set up committees and Ruling Councils and and… and get more Reapers as he was too busy running his new Empire to get out there to bring in the new souls.

Lana is one of these Reapers who live for many hundreds of years and are non-aligned and therefore can have friendships with any religion’s and hell’s inhabitants. In fact in order to undertake her job she has to take classes and be certified by the Academy and be apprenticed to a senior Reaper for 100 years. This is a complete world mythology devised as an Afterworld with many wonderful literary quotes starting each chapter including Benjamin Franklin’s famous:

Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

Now read here from some interesting facts from the book:

Flora the Roman Goddess, owns a flower shop;

Aphrodite has a clothes shop where the mannequins pout and help you chose the shoes;

Lucifer has a daughter named Cindy;

Devils can retire;

Holly Spirit – yes correct spelling – is Jesus’ sister – they forgot to correct the spelling in the bible.

Blasphemous – you bet and all the more funny for that – so don’t read if you are religious  – of any persuasion!

A 5 star from me…

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Tangled Webs and Deception ever go together

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive’.

Marmion by Sir Walter Scott.

Ever since the film about Richard Gere offering a $1 million for someone to sleep with him we have seen some variations on this concept.

Just what would you for that amount of money if you were really out of money? And Options? how far would you go?

This was a new idea on the same theme set in the Lake District, UK based around Windermere – which is a lovely, if very touristic, town on the side of the lake. The heroine is a physiotherapist with an obsessed patient who pays her large amounts to sleep with him.1-windermere-db

The Lake District, as it name implies, has a number of lakes of varying sizes, but Windermere is the largest with a ferry that travels regularly from one end to the other and round the lake as a trip. there is a lovely hotel set at the far end which has a waterfall in its garden. you need to beware the water levels in the Lake as they vary and sometimes it is not possible to get to it.

We have visited the area a number of times especially in winter.

There was for me a British style of writing – down to earth, pragmatic and not over-emotional. The author writes about that which she knows well as she live sin the area and it is very obvious to those of us who have been there. it is geographically accurate and her knowledge of anatomy comes from her own experience. This makes it ring very true.

A Netgalley review 4 stars for The Mistake I Made by Paula Daly

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Time travel completed

Here comes Outlander again – and the Bruce… such a fascination for the Scots wild laddies!Men-in-Kilts-kilts-645814_300_400

Come on,let’s have some originality here… and then I might buy more of your books. See below. I’m easily swayed…

I reviewed the first book in this box set of Time Travel Romances on the 4th August – i then completed the whole series of 9 related to just that one book – so it was time to get back to reading the remainder of the set.

Book 3:

An echo of Outlander again with some women travelling through time through these ‘places of power’ eg the stone circles, with some modern healing skills.

The difference being that this time the heroine was born in the 15th century and travelled forwards not backwards.

Book 4:

Again Scotland and again a medic travelling through time, though this time only 100 years, and therefore found herself in the Victorian ea with indoor plumbing and flush toilets!

Book 5:

What’s not to like? Ghosts, ghoulies, occult, vampires, arcane, and time travel all thrown in with a professor and his dedicated student… maybe too much of everything?

Book 6:

This is the original bloodstone book for travel through time.

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