What a tattoo can do – more than you ever thought!

Ink Witch Book Cover Ink Witch
Kat Dubois #1-4
Lindsey Fairleigh
fantasy, magic, mythology, urban fantasy
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(22 Sept. 2016)

A whole new series from the world of the Echo Trilogy. Three years ago, the gods abandoned us. We've been alone ever since. Kat Dubois is immortal, and she’s retired. She’s long since hung up her sword and left assassinating immortals to someone else...anyone else. She’s now a hard drinking, sass-flinging Seattle tattoo artist with the innate ability to read people’s fortunes using her charmed deck of tarot cards. Her days of bloodshed are over, and she has nothing but time--an eternity, in fact--to hide from her past. Until someone from her past shows up on her doorstep with news that her beloved older brother and mentor, Dominic, has gone missing. Kat may be the only person with the right skills--and access to the right magic--to track him down. She must confront her past if she’s to have any chance of finding and saving her brother. She must fight her demons. She must embrace the power within her. She must become the Ink Witch.

Egyptian gods and goddesses morph into a Supergirl fantasy crossed with Jessica Jones.

This is a YA series that isn’t.

The heroine is 38 trapped in the body – and hormones – of an 18 year old. For eternity. Or until she is killed – but she is very very hard to kill.

The myths of Old Egypt meet – something new to me, although it seemed to be loosely based on these myths with lots of additions.

Did I like the books? Of course. I always like a kickass female heroine and Kat wins on all scales from her mad sword skills to her mixed martial arts AND she rides a Ducati!

I totally get why she has tattoos, even though not my scene, but they prove essential to the storyline, though not sure about the extra body piercings even though they add to the ‘bad’ character.

Can’t wait until book 5 comes out.

I have also bought the prequel series to get the background to this series.

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Can it be fixed?

Dead End Fix Book Cover Dead End Fix
Justice #6
T.E. Woods
Crime, Thriller & Mystery,
(21 Jun. 2016)

I’ll bring Hadley home. Whatever it takes. Whatever it costs. Whoever has to die.

There’s a gang war unfolding on the streets of Seattle. A young boy has been killed in a drive-by shooting, and the ensuing chaos threatens to engulf the city. Normally, chief of detectives Mort Grant would be dealing with the fallout—but right now, his mind is elsewhere. . . .

In one gut-wrenching phone call, Mort’s worst fears are realized. His granddaughter Hadley has been kidnapped, and the culprit is his own flesh and blood: Allie, his daughter and Hadley’s aunt. Now, desperate for any sign of the missing six-year-old girl, Mort turns once again to the relentless vigilante called The Fixer for help.

The last Justice novel ended on somewhat of a cliff hanger. One of the twins had disappeared – presumably taken by her Aunt Allie.

This novel begins with Allie and the twin on ‘holiday’.

Allie is struggling to grasp control of the crime syndicate she wrested from her erstwhile fiancé/captor. Tying to expand into the Middle East she makes a promise she finds difficult to fulfil.

Meanwhile Mort gets involved in a gang turf war in Seattle.

At the end Green k is offered a deal by the gang boss which would silence him but which would also remove him from the toxic atmosphere of gang life in the city.

So two stories run alongside each linked by the presence of Mort, and we are reminded forcefully why young African/ American boys find themselves in crime gangs.

They live in inner city areas, where there are no longer jobs, shops, or transport. Where they have been abandoned by recurring Administrations who favour the middle-classes and the rich; where tax dollars are not spent in their areas and where policing is often brutal and unforgiving with a presumption of guilt.

So a nice political statement explored in one of the stories – that of Green K. And with a clear writing style that flows and is easy to read.

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Ian Hiatt explains his killing spree

Interview with Ian Hiatt

Can you tell your readers something about why you chose this particular topic to write about?

I think when every writer starts their vowel movements for the first time, they usually have grand and noble purpose behind it.

DEATH OF AN ASSASSIN and books in the Saint Roch series are just plain about having fun. Both as a writer and as a reader. There's still be character development, high stakes, and things-to-ponder kicking around between the cover and backflap, but they're blended in with the gunfights and profanity.

As for where this topic itself came from, I've always been a fan of Greek mythology and the mythologies of any other culture I can find a book for. But so many of the ancient tales are too far removed from our own modern culture and can come across as dry. Not to mention, there are far too many instances where Generic Hero Man triumphs over Terrible Monster Lady in those stories. It's not fair and it's only one frame of reference. The villain of a story is all about perspective, so I thought, why not show tell a story more akin to that damned Odyssyeus crashing his boat into the island home of the Sirens just because they happened to be singing and his crew couldn't help themselves.

How long do you think about a topic before deciding to write about it? How long does it take to research a topic before you write? And for this book?

I mull over a story idea for months/years before fully settling on what it is I want to write. I usually start writing as a “get my feet wet” sort of a thing. If it requires a great amount of research, such as historical fiction, I'll do that in spurts. But in general, I only research when I question what I'm about to write. If it's a topic I'm not well versed in, I find out what I'm missing.

Nothing makes a story drag along more than inadequate research. And nothing brings it to a faster ass-grinding halt than too much research.

How many times have you been rejected before your first novel was accepted or before this book was accepted?

Countless. The best thing you can do with rejections is keep track of who rejected you (so you're not hucking your book at them multiple times) but not how many times you've been rejected.

Of course, if those rejections come with notes you can do two things: 1) realize that no one is an expert on reading, writing, or publishing and that their advice may not be iron-clad, 2) realize that the people you're pitching to do know a thing or two about reading, writing, and publishing and that you may want to take their advice. If those two things sound as though they are contradicting each other, don't worry---they are. There's no perfect formula for “making it” in this business and anyone who tells you there is is likely trying to sell you something. Be like goblin-made armor. Take in only that which makes you stronger.

For numbers, this was my second completed manuscript that I pitched at agents, editors, and passing strangers on the street. It's one of the many, many, many started stories, though.


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How the Assassin died



Genre: Paranormal-Romance, Urban-fantasy

Publisher: Curiosity Quills Press

Date of Release­­: June 16, 2016

Cover Artist: Eugene Teplitsky

Find Online: Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


 Technically, Layla hasn’t killed anyone. Ask the witnesses. It was a misstep here, a trip-and-fall there—accidents happen.

And Layla is paid very well to ensure that they do.

Her mother once traced their lineage back to ancient times. Go flip through The Odyssey. Some great-great-great grandmother is in there beckoning sailors to rocky deaths. For eons her kind has made it their business to bring hapless men to quick and messy ends. Layla can’t help it that Saint Roch City has job listings for someone who can cause blameless death. You go where the work is.

When the most difficult hit of her career goes sideways, Layla finds out that what she’s been told about her own history may not be so accurate. And there is no forgiveness in the business of assassinations. When you’re paid to kill someone, there better be a dead body.

About The Author:

Ian Hiatt is the crazy guy who lives on your block. You know the one that all the neighborhood kids point at and whisper about. He’s cleverly hidden himself by marrying an incredibly tolerant woman and finding himself an adorable dog. This is the best disguise for living in New England. The villagers have not yet run him out of his castle.

When he’s not scrawling delusional words about mythical-filled cities or dinosaurs, he’s busy tapping out code for websites and software. If he’s kept away from writing implements, he treks aimlessly through forest hiking trails, across abandoned beaches, and wandering the shelves of bookstores. These three things don’t overlap except for that one time, and that was a really weird day.

Find the author Online:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

Curiosity Quills Press (CQ) is a small hybrid publishing company specializing in genre fiction of the highest quality. With 150+ titles in our catalog already and approximately 6 new books coming out each month, there’s never a dull moment at CQ. We work with major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Audible to ensure that you, the reader, can find whatever you are looking for at your convenience.

Founded in 2011 by Eugene Teplitsky and Lisa Gus, CQ was initially a resource portal for writing and publishing, created in an effort to help writers, like themselves, survive the publishing industry. After rapid success, CQ morphed into publishing press that over time has solidified its share in the market. Now we spend our days searching for the next great escape!

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads


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