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The Darkest Hour Book Cover The Darkest Hour
(Poppy McGuire Mysteries Book 4)
Anina Collins
crime fiction, mystery, thriller,

Poppy and Alex come up against their toughest case yet, and they may never be the same again.

When someone close to both Poppy and Alex is found brutally murdered, all the clues point to Alex as the killer. But Poppy knows in her heart that her partner could never commit such a heinous crime. As the evidence begins to mount against him, Poppy must race against the clock to prove that the man she trusts with her very life isn’t the murderer, even as everyone around her is convinced of his guilt.

But if Alex isn’t the killer, who is? As the mystery unravels, the past and present finally meet in Sunset Ridge.

A nice cosy mystery story with a female sleuth who is nosy but not confident in herself.

This is Poppy’s first attempt at solving a crime and she uses her sleuthing skills from her work as a columnist on the local paper to help her.

Small town USA comes again. Where there are no secrets – someone always knows something – and sometimes they use this knowledge in nefarious ways.

Light and easy reading with a surprise villain.

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Winter WhoDunnits Box Set

A Pie to Die for  Book Cover

A Pie to Die for 

Stacey Alabaster

mystery, thrillers, cosy

Fairfield Publishing

2 Jan 2018

12 cozy mystery novels from best-selling authors to get your blood racing on a cold winter's eve. There's nothing chilling about this chance to explore a dozen of cozies. Curl up for a cocoa, a cookie and a killing!

Winter WhoDunnits in order:

  1. A Pie to Die for  Stacey Alabaster

This is the first of this set that I have read and i must say that it did not hold my attention.  I failed to complete the story even though I was about 60% of the way through.

  1. A Merry Christmas Wedding Mystery  Anne Celeste Burke
  2. Much Ado About Felines  Kathi Daley
  3. The 3rd Girl  Nell Goddin
  4. The Cause of the Hidden Flame  Alison Golden
  5. Murder at Jade Centre  Dianne  Harmon
  6. The Tempting Taste of Danger Cee Cee James
  7. The Slippery Slope of Murder  Summer Prescott
  8. The Case of the Faithful Frenchie BR Snow
  9. The Root of All Evil  Shanon Van Bergen
  10. Pineapple Lies  Amy vansant
  11. Haunted disappearance JA Whiting

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Cornwall in the sun?

The Postcard Book Cover

The Postcard

Fern Britton

women's fiction, family saga

Harper Collins

June 29, 2017


The new witty and warm novel from the Sunday Times best-selling author and TV presenter, Fern Britton. Secrets. Sisters. The summer that changed everything . . . Life in the Cornish village of Pendruggan isn't always picture perfect. Penny Leighton has never told anyone why she's estranged from her mother and sister. For years she's kept her family secrets locked away in her heart, but they've been quietly eating away at her. When an unwelcome visitor blows in, Penny is brought face to face with the past. And a postcard, tucked away in a long-hidden case, holds the truth that could change everything. Young Ella has come back to the place where she spent a happy childhood with her grandmother. Now she's here to search for everything missing in her life. Taken under Penny's broken wing for the summer, the safe haven of Pendruggan feels like the place for a fresh start. Soon, however, Ella starts to wonder if perhaps her real legacy doesn't lie in the past at all.

This is a story very much in the tradition of family sagas set in the West Country. Indeed, this is set in a fictional Cornwall. One I do not recognise. Where the sun shines (see the usual amount of rain for Western England:; and locals embrace newcomers and welcome them.

But this is feel-good summer holiday reading where the title promises a Postcard of Importance, but fails to deliver.

Clearly intended as the first of a family saga from the final paragraph.


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When money is not enough

The Italian Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage: An Italian Billionaire Romance Book Cover

The Italian Billionaire's Scandalous Marriage: An Italian Billionaire Romance

Italian Billionaire Christmas Brides Book 2

Mollie Mathews

romance, contemporary, women's fiction

Blue Orchid Publishing

(30 Nov. 2016)


Three women. Three lives. And the lies that bind them. Why is everyone afraid of the truth?

When a lonely young American woman inherits a painting she discovers her whole life was a lie. Desperate for the truth, she goes in search of her true identity. The painting is her only clue. But everyone is determined to keep its secret past repressed, including Vitaliano Rossi, the Italian gold tycoon, unnaturally suspicious of her motives, who wants the painting vanquished. How can she discover who she really is and convince him that his love means more to her than gold?

Some interesting ideas and I really loved the Alpacas. Alpaca wool is rally expensive and really nice too as I know from my knitting.
But I did find the story a little staid and ‘traditional’ in some areas and some in need of more development especially as though a quick solution to the back injury seemed to be required rather than exploring this further as a good element of the relationship transitioning.

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Why go to funerals?

Adventures in Funeral Crashing Book Cover

Adventures in Funeral Crashing

Funeral Crashing Series / A Kait Lenox Mystery

Milda Harris

Mystery, thrillers, YA

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform;

26 April 2012

Sixteen year old Kait Lenox has a reputation as the weird girl in her high school, mostly because of her ex-best friend turned mean popular girl, Ariel, but maybe it has a little to do with the fact that Kait has a hobby crashing funerals. At one of these, Kait is outted by the most popular guy in school, Ethan Ripley. Yet, instead of humiliating her for all the world to see, he asks for her help, and Kait finds herself entangled in a murder mystery. Not only is the thrill of the mystery exciting, but more importantly Ethan knows her name! A little sleuthing is well worth that!


A 4 for the age group  and a 3 for me

A really nice clean YA fun read

How do you get over your mother’ death? Well. When you attended her funeral people told lots of fun stories about her, and so you go to other people’s funerals to hear their stories. It helps make sense of you grief.

And then you bump into the  High School hottie at his sister’s funeral and a strange partnership is formed to discover why she died as neither of you believe the official story.

Whilst the ending is traditional, there are some nice twists along the way.

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