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Tigers are offered but I refuse

The Tiger's Offer: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Book Cover The Tiger's Offer: A Reverse Harem Fantasy
(The Goddess's Harem Book 1)
Lila Jean, J.A. Cipriano
paranormal, mythology, romance, dark fantasy

When Tina stumbled into that werewolf strip club, she never expected to walk out with the powers of a fertility goddess, but now that she has, well… she made a list.
Step 1: Get a handle on her unruly new magic.
Step 2: Convince the five shifter princes fighting over her that sharing is caring.
Step 3: Experience sex the way only a fertility goddess can
There’s just one more thing.
Step 4: Try not to die when bitchy priestesses come out of the woodwork to take her new magic for themselves.

I tried this book as I had enjoyed another book co-authored by JA Cipriano. But found that this story lacked humour, storyline/plot – which was very obvious – and basic writing skills. I found the s-x scenes repetitive and dull. It only got 2 as I kept reading hoping it would get better due to previous experience with one author.

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Not the Devil you know



And the Devil has a son and heir.
But there is a small problem – he is half human, and ex-cop, and now a witch running an occult shop.
Honestly, he is not at all sure that he likes his father! And the idea that he is his father’s heir...

A nice set of  circumstances which allow stories of extraordinary murders to be introduced that only someone like Nick, with his unique combination of attributes, can solve.
These are novellas and thus less compelling than they could be with a longer word length and thus more character and plot development. Nevertheless, promising.


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