Bad Boys Rock…

Deadly Match Book Cover Deadly Match
Bad Boy Incorporated #3
Eve Langlais
Eve Langlais
February 28, 2018

The third new title in the popular Bad Boy Inc. series. When a retired assassin decides to go looking for love, he decides to trust the pros at a dating service and ends up finding a Deadly Match.

Oh these sexy assassins and fancy being called ‘Charming Reaper’ by your parents even if they are family names.

Bad Boy Inc rocks as do its employees – they are trained to be assassins and spies but not by a Govt and therefore they are not bound by any code of ethics – unless it is their own. But they don’t kill children.

Fun and flirty book.

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Interesting what comes by post these days

Caiden Book Cover Caiden
Greenville Mail Order Brides #1 (Intergalactic Dating Agency Book 6)
V. Vaughn
paranormal romance, contemporary, new adult, humour
Sugarloaf Press
(5 Oct. 2016)

Mandy Thorne thinks she’s testing the new Intergalactic Dating Agency’s site when she pushes the initiate match button. The moment she does though, she discovers she’s requested a super-hot alien be delivered to her doorstep the very next day. While Mandy’s excited about the sexy man she’s about to get, the strings attached are a different story.
Caiden TS-461 lands on Earth before he’s been properly trained for the culture, but as soon as he meets his human mate he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart. When he breaks a rule to make Mandy happy, the pair end up back on planet Eroscia to face punishment for their crime, and the sentence could make Mandy resent him forever.

So an Intergalatic Dating Agency – oh well, I’m sure we might have one in the future some time and it’s worth a quick speculate now as to who might arrive.

So here we have a rather silly short story with a sexy alien coming from a dying planet which has arrived in our solar system – yes please keep your dismay in place as to what this would do to our planetary orbits.

For some reason their females have died out and our males were hit by a gender specific plague. So a match made in planetary orbits!

The Govts decide to try and match up the genders for marriage and children and initiate an online dating system, and the beta system is accidentally used and so Caiden arrives.

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