Shades of Fae
Box Set
Multi author
paranormal, mythology, romance
Carter and Bailey Publishing

Not every fairytale has a happily ever after.

We know only three things about the Fae: they don't lie, they cheat. What they aren't given, they take. And if they can't rule ... they conquer.

Now the fate of humanity lies in a battle between good and evil where lines are not easily drawn.

Time travel to 19th century France, brave the gritty streets of New York city, or enter the realm of the Fae itself in this darkly enchanting collection ...

Sinister Sidhe and Dark Elves manipulate mortals, vengeful Fae warriors battle nefarious vampire lords, and an apocalypse rife with werewolves, dragons, nymphs, banshees, shifters, and supernatural hunters brings danger.

This is a limited edition box set of 23 full length novels only available to followers of CK Dawn.

Wicked paranormal reading with a Fae orientation but…

Reviews of #1-6

  •  Remnants of Ash by CK Dawn

4 stars

Here mortals meet the Fae with an Apocalypse coming along. And shock horror, it turns out that the 4 Fae nobles are the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse them selves and thus bringers of evil whether they belong to the Light or Dark Fae Courts. Their aim – the Fall of Humanity.

But 1 Horseman turns on his own. An unusual but good re-telling of how the Apocalypse comes about. I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next installment. 

  • The Shaded Veil by Shawnee Small

Another 4 star. A story about how to bumble your way into the world of the Fae – and to find out that your lazy worker is really a Fae prince in disguise. Oops!

Fun and flirty.

  • Sleeping Beauty’s Untimely Murder by  Cheri Schmidt and Tristan Hunt

So once upon a time Briar rose fell asleep and was awoken by true love’s kisses after her Prince battles his way through roses to her. 

Or alternatively, he inherits a castle and finds a ghost inhabiting a tower. And it has nothing at all to do with a wicked step-mother, but there is a Evil Fairy – male by the way – involved.

Another 4 star.

  • A Fey’s Wolf by Elle Boon

Only a 2 star for this one.

I got bored half-way through and abandoned it. Clearly a lot of back story – was this part of a series? I fund it too confusing and for me, the story didn’t stand alone.

  • Of Water and Blood by Pauline Creedon

Another 4 star story.

Normally I  don’t like heroines who are only 17 years old, but this one was very mature for her age. But, her ‘friend’ and accomplice was very immature and didn’t appeal as a hero. Still, a good story-line.

  • Fatal illusion by Tamari Etherton

Another 4 star!

So someone is tricking the Fae and putting them in lockets and then taking them to the human world. And rori is right in the middle of it – along with her brother and an Elven Prince.

I liked Rori. she is my kind of heroine. But she still has a lot of growing up to do….

  • lFAE101 by Cyndia Faria
  • A Kiss of shadow by Isadora Brown
  • Resisiting Moonlight by Amy L gal
  • Awaken by charlene A Wilson
  • Destiny’s Fae by katalina leon
  • Beauty sleep by J A Armitage
  • The Winter Sun by Megan J Parker and Nathan Squires
  • The triad’s Evolution by Lynda Kaye Frazier
  • Second to none by Kim Carmicahael’
  • the curse of the Fallen by Coleen Haleson
  • Forsaken by Danielle Rose
  • The Last ringmaster by Lynda Haviland
  • Hunted by Dyan Chick
  • The Brothers Djinn by Cate Rowan
  • A Capital Abduction by JB Michaels
  • Desolation by RS Broadhead
  • Marked Paradox by Jen L Grey and Heather Renee

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Let’s Join a Dating Site!

Dragon Date Book Cover Dragon Date
Amelia Rock
paranormal romance, shifters,

Those who cannot do, teach.

Seph Vovin is one of five handsome brothers from a clutch born to one of the oldest dragon-shifter families.
He has been blessed.
He has been privileged.
He has a career as a successful marriage counselor.
He has no mate.

What could go wrong when seeking the help of a dating service where dragon-shifters are paired with genetically-compatible women?

Asha Hamilton is the founder of Wings of Love, one of the leading matchmakers for dragon-shifter romances. This big, beautiful woman has a flawless record when it comes to pairing up couples – until Seph walks through her door. Suddenly, she is met with a challenge, to find a mate for someone who just won’t click with anyone. Asha is determined to find the right woman for Seph, no matter what it takes.

But what happens when she runs out of options? How far is she willing to go to succeed in her mission?

Now I was bored by this author’s attempt at writing about Bear shifters but this one about Dragons was better. Not good. Just better. The solution was all too obvious from the first chapter.

I want to know:

Did anyone tell the human girls that they might have quintuplets?

What is the largest possible size of a clutch?

And is giving birth to an egg any better than giving birth to a human baby? considering the whole baby is inside the egg!

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Computer Games are Real?

Riding Lightning Book Cover Riding Lightning
Starcrossed Dragons #1
Erin Bedford
adult, fantasy, paranormal romance
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(22 Oct. 2017)

One woman. Three men. All Dragons. What could go wrong? Maya Rose has a problem. She's the last in her line of dragon shifters, and if she doesn't produce an heir soon, it could be disastrous for her kingdom. In order to remedy this, her father, the king, has gathered the greatest heroes from across the lands, and set them on a quest to not only save the kingdom, but to win Maya's love. Should they succeed, they will become her husband and rule by her side. Should they fail to win her love, death is the only answer. But with so many dashing men willing to do anything to win her hand, how is a girl to choose? Then again, no one ever said she had to pick just one. After all, the fate of the realm is at stake, and maybe this time, more is merrier. IMPORTANT NOTE: This is NOT a love triangle, what you'll find inside is a reverse harem featuring hot sex, adult themes, dragons, cool weapons, action, adventure, a wise-cracking heroine, and much, MUCH more.

Who knew that computer nerds base their game scenarios n real life universes? Well, clearly the programmers. Like Maya, who is a dragon shifter in her own universe and a game progammer in ours.

There were the usual minor proof reading errors.
I only mention this as Erin’s books tend to have more than most.  I find errors in nearly all books I read even if it just the usual swapping of words for similar spellings like stationary for stationery.  Or the one that my phone annoyed me with this morning. I wrote chesty and it changed it to cherry!

I had one query. When Maya’s – and the other dragons’ wings appear, what happens to their clothes? where are the wings attached to their bodies? some writers give their shifters a magic so that clothes appear and disappear when they shift, but this wasn’t mentioned.

Still nice story and reverse harems are all the rage it seems!


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Lots of dragons here

Year of the Wolf pack Vol 2
Year of the Wolf
Melissa Snark
paranormal, mythology, romance

Stories by:

Melissa Snark

KC Stewart

Bethany Shah

Tami Lund

Nancy Corrigan

Tabitha Conall

Cecilia Dominic

Elianne Adams

AK Michaels

Solease Barner

A collection of stories [by Melissa Snark] which reflect a number of paranormal genres.

Some I had read before, so I chose to read the new ones. Mainly wished I hadn’t!

Draken, by Solease Barner

1 star


Typical dragon shifter with a temper and huge Alpha issues meets human and…

You know the story, I know the story, we all know the story. So why bother to read it?

  • Noble Secrets by Cecilia Dominic 1 star as got bored quickly.
  • Call of the Dragon by Elianne Adams

I got really bored by chapter 20 of 27 chapters. It was fight – heal – fight – heal – fantasy land – traitor – and so on.

2 stars as I did get more than half-way through.

  • First Light by Tami Lund

Prequel to Light Bearer series.

Started OK but then I got bored. 2

  • Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan

4 stars

  1. All Royals are twins.
  2. They don’t look like their siblings – why?
  3. All royals have 3 shifter animals inside them and are therefore extremely rare.

I bought the continuation story about messed up Royal Devin.

  • Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan

The Royals look for Molly, Megan’s twin.

Too repetitive from 1st book. 2

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When you are a spy in a foreign land

The Burning Page Book Cover The Burning Page
The Invisible Library #3
Genevieve Cogman
Alternative history, sword and sorcery, historical, fantasy
Pan Macmillan
December 13, 2016

The third title in Genevieve Cogman's clever and exciting The Invisible Library series, The Burning Page is an action-packed literary adventure! When it's your job to save the day - where do you start?Librarian spy Irene has standards to maintain, especially while on probation. And absconding from a mission via a besieged building doesn't look good. But when her escape route home goes up in flames, what's a spy to do? However, it seems Gates back to the Library are malfunctioning across dozens of worlds. Worse still, her nemesis Alberich is responsible -and he plans to annihilate the Library itself.Irene and assistant Kai are posted to St Petersburg, to help combat this threat. Here Alberich emerges, as Irene tries to save her friend Vale and foil assassination attempts. Then one incredibly dangerous opportunity to save the Library emerges. Saving herself would be a bonus . . .Irene's adventures feature stolen books, secret agents and forbidden societies - think Doctor Who but with librarian spies!

I liked this story  better than book number 2.  Here Irene has to face and outwit her nemesis Alberich and it is not easy. Tricky even. Especially as Alberich ‘steals’ skins – yes truly – he skins people and then wears their skins…he wants the chaos that Irene is struggling to prevent.

An alternate world is in a struggle between the dragons and the Fae for the Ottoman Empire and Irene is drawn into this through her mentee  Kai, and to make matters more difficult the doors to this alternate have been disabled as they demonstrated ‘strange’ behaviour.

There were attempted murders – not unusual of course for Irene; Vale had gone to a high chaos world (Venice from the previous book) even though warned not to, and of course it was then expected that Irene and Kai would follow him and attempt to bring him back, but Kai couldn’t visit a high chaos world; still Vale was rescued but was contaminated and thus out of action;  and contamination limited access to the Library of course; and then there were werewolves involved;  and poison and tunnels; and so it all follows.

A very busy time indeed for Irene, and yet she survives her adventures, shaken but not…


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