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Let down your hair girl!?

Rapunzel Untamed Book Cover Rapunzel Untamed
Curse of the Fairy Tales #1
Erin Bedford
fantasy, paranormal, romance,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(15 Jun. 2018)

A thousand years. No memories. Five powerful mages dying to save her. In the city of Neo New York, mages rule the world. People like Eva, the non-magical kind, mean nothing. The only destiny waiting for her will be to serve the mages for the rest of her days. Except Eva isn’t like other humans. Locked in a tower for a crime she doesn’t even remember, Eva is saved by none other than some of Neo New York’s most prestigious mages, and they won’t let anyone take their new toy away from them. When Eva’s memories make a reappearance, she realizes she might be a little bit more than just a nuisance. Now, Eva must dodge jealous ex-lovers and ambitious council members, all while keeping her past a secret. Whoever said fairy tales had happy endings hasn’t walked a minute in Eva’s shoes.

A fantasy take on the Rapunzel story, with a multiverse where Magic arrived sometime around the 14th century and everything changed. Some people are born with Magic and take a high place in society and  the ‘humans’ those without magic, are basically slaves.

I found this story good as far as it went but in my opinion, it left with too much of a cliff-hanger I realise that this is now a series but..

I also thought it was too short and wanted it to be fleshed out more. I didn’t feel invested in any of the characters enough to really want to read more.

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book review/Books/Fantasy/fiction/Romance

The Auction and the Vampires

Until Midnigt Book Cover Until Midnigt
Crimson Fold #1
Erin Bedford
fantasy, urban fantasy
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(29 Oct. 2017)

The Hunger Games meets Cinderella. This fairy tale has no happy endings only dark beginnings. They call them the Crimson Fold. High up in their castle they look down on my little world and wield a silent control. That is, until the invitations are sent out. I never dreamed I’d be selected. They tell me it’s a privilege. I should be honored. But the fear in their eyes doesn’t lie. If I refuse to go, my family will be shunned. If I go, my life and my body will no longer be mine. It’ll be theirs. At midnight it will be over. At Midnight I’ll be his.

So Vampires – the Crimson Fold – rule the world – or at least the City State that Clarabelle lives in and each year they have a grand ball where various members of the populace are viewed – rather like a cattle auction. Their looks and capabilities are tested and then they are assigned to their role in the palace – or not. So the ones that look ‘best for breeding’ are given as lovers – or in marriage to the Royalty. The ones not so good are made into servants.

Because this whole Palace choosing so closely resembled the slave/cattle auction I marked it down a little – although it was probably meant to do this.

I liked Clarabelle and do wonder what her Prince has in store for her, but not enough to want to read the follow on book. Sorry. 3.5 stars

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book review/Books/Fantasy/fiction/Romance

Babies and Witches and more…

Baby Carriage Wanda Book Cover Baby Carriage Wanda
Accidentally Paranormal #15
Dakota Cassidy
fairy tales, mythology, folk tales
Dakota Cassidy
(15 May 2017)

There’s almost nothing Wanda Jefferson wants more than a family to call her own, and she’s almost got it all with her husband Heath, a beautiful home in the suburbs, and her soul-satisfying work with her best friends as part of OOPS—a paranormal crisis hotline.

Yet still, there’s a tiny hole in Wanda’s heart she longs to fill with a baby. As she and Heath explore adoption, and finally bring home a beautiful baby boy with the support of their friends and family, everything that can go wrong, does.

First, no one, not even Nina the baby-loving vampire, can soothe the cranky infant. He’s cries constantly, bringing Wanda’s insecurities as a new mother out in full force. Then banshee, Sal Brice and sexy skinwalker, Grey Hamlin show up, and yikes, do they have a tale to tell—one that involves a diabolical plan that threatens Wanda’s newly formed family!

You know what that means, right? Hell hath no fury like the OOPS women on a case!

This is a fun tale where the OOPS women (and sometimes men) are featured doing what they do best – being witchy, vampiric, talking to their familiars, shifting, and helping other supernatural beings.

And then Wanda adopts a baby – who is something else indeed – and it comes to a great surprise to her to find out just which sort of supernatural creature he turns out to be.

This was my first introduction to the OOPS women (and very much towards the end of the Accidentally Paranormal series) but I expect to read more and they are all obviously great characters and Dakota always writes a really good fun (suspense) novel.


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book review/Books/Fantasy/fiction/Romance

Scaly Tale

Ocean’s Justice Book Cover Ocean’s Justice
Ocean's Gift - Turbulence and Triumph Prequel Series
Demelza Carlton
paranormal romance, mystery, new adult
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(1 Sept. 2014)

Cast adrift on the Indian Ocean, eighteen-year-old Maria is saved by the crew of the steamship Trevessa. She can't tell them her tragic tale, so the superstitious sailors make up their own stories – and some would sacrifice her to the seas to save themselves from the coming storm. Scottish engineer William McGregor boarded the Trevessa in search of adventure. He finds a crew convinced their ship is cursed, as he fights to protect the mysterious girl and bring her safely to shore. When the sharks start circling and the storm closes in, are sirens more than just a myth? A tiny taste of what's in store: My defiance was futile. What did it get me? A small raft drifting across the Indian Ocean, with nothing but the sound of waves and the smell of salt and coal-smoke. Smoke meant a ship. I was saved. I squinted into the sunlight, but the waves hid the vessel from me. Maybe I was looking the wrong way. I didn't have the strength to sit up and see. Rough hands seized me. I struggled, but my weakness won. Blue eyes drifted above, the same colour as the ocean below. A tangle of wiry seaweed obscured the rest of the man's face. "It's all right, lass. I'll take care of you." Darkness took me first.

The Little Mermaid retold

A very short but sweet tale with some interesting twists in the tail(!)

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book review/Books/fiction/Romance

Fairytales are Spun

Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story: Volume 1 Book Cover Pumpkin: a Cindermama Story: Volume 1
Ines Johnson
Fiction, romance
Heartspell Media, LLC
February 15, 2015

Single mother Malika “Pumpkin” Tavares lost faith in fairytales after she fell for a toad. Now she believes she’s not cut from the storybook, heroine cloth and searches for Mr. Good Enough amongst the sidekicks and supporting men of the town. Love at first sight isn’t a cliche for town royalty Armand “Manny” Charmayne. For generations the Charmaynes have spotted their soulmates by seeing a golden aura the first time they laid eyes on The One. When Manny meets Pumpkin he sees…nothing, but sparks fly off the richter scale. The more he gets to know her the more he considers defying fate, if only he can convince her to take a chance on love again.

I liked the way the author took the fairytale concept and spun it into a new story. She writes a gently amusing story which is not deep but good for a lazy afternoon in front of the winter fire.

Thus Pumpkin has 2 cousins who are selfish and use her for their own selfish means – small things like using her as a taxi, and failing to show up as a babysitter because they want to do something else.

And Rumpel has the gypsy Sight to help him find talent – which he spins into gold disks.  He sees talent as a gold aura and he then can help and assist the person to become better musically.. which of course earns him money. [2nd Book in this series].

I am also all for dress designers who design for the fuller figure as the author is correct in writing what suits runway models doesn’t suit the average woman – especially if you have a fuller figure and only just top 5 foot like me!

So, Go Midori! I’ll buy your clothes!

I am also pleased to say that Ines is a black author writing about black women and thus a welcome addition to my bookshelf.

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