Guard the Blood?

Blood Guard: A Mission Novel Book Cover Blood Guard: A Mission Novel
Megan Erickson
romance, contemporary, supernatural, suspense
(12 Sept. 2017)

Tendra: One minute, I’m a bartender in gritty Mission City; the next, I’m whisked away by a vampire named Athan who tells me that I’m the lifeblood of his clan. It sounds unbelievable, but he’s got evidence I can’t deny. Turns out, Athan belongs to an underground society of vampires who feed only on humans with their consent. Their enemies have no such qualms, and they want me dead. The only thing standing in their way is strong, sexy Athan. And the closer we get, the more tempted I am to let Athan feed. . . .

Athan: How could I have known when I snatched this snarky, beautiful human off the streets that she would change my destiny? As a loyal soldier, I must deliver Tendra to our future king—my brother. Empowered with the blood of ten generations of the Gregorie breed, she is fated to rule as our queen. But there’s something between us that’s so intoxicating, so carnal, I can’t help wanting Tendra for myself . . . even if it’s treason.

I’m afraid this book didn’t do it for me. I was bored and didn’t complete it. A tired story-line.

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Who writes the stories?

Interview with an Accidental
Accidentally Paranormal
Dakota Cassidy
humour, contemporary, fantasy

USA Today bestselling romantic comedy author of The Accidental Dragon, Dakota Cassidy is puttin' on her tiara, sharpening her fav hot pink pen, and kicking her feet up on the desk to ask the hard questions. Get the inside scoop on all the hot, sexy cast members in this free, uproariously funny interview with the girls of her Accidental series. Find out who's doing what to whom and more, as Dakota hosts the interview of the decade!

Dear Readers, It's been seven (seven!) years since the release of book one in my Accidentals series, and now, on the cusp of releasing book ten (hold me!), I figured it was high time I put together something that would not only help new readers jump into the fray several books in, but also help me remember what I wrote way back when. (Hey, I ain't gettin' any younger, and my brain is stuffed full of makeup tips and reality TV trivia.)

So I called up my pals Nina, Marty and Wanda, who schlepped all the way out to my home in Oregon--with a few other fan-fave characters in tow, for Interview With an Accidental. During an intimate interview by moi, you can meet the ladies who have been mainstays in all of my Accidental books--if Nina lets anyone get a word in between all her, um...colorful commentary.

Grab a cocktail and enjoy a gabfest with the girls, as well as a bonus chapter from my next book, Accidentally Aphrodite--for the low, low price of free! Consider it my way of saying thanks for keeping me company on these crazy Accidental adventures. May you join me for many more!

So Dakota, I have to ask – who writes your stories? You? or the characters in your head?

Dakota Cassidy is an author with a kooky sense of humour and a wild imagination as demonstrated in this book.

Here a number of her characters come to ‘visit’ her, in her office, and she converses, argues, and generally interacts with them. As do her pet dogs and cats.

Peculiar, much. Funny, yes.

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Lots of dragons here

Year of the Wolf pack Vol 2
Year of the Wolf
Melissa Snark
paranormal, mythology, romance

Stories by:

Melissa Snark

KC Stewart

Bethany Shah

Tami Lund

Nancy Corrigan

Tabitha Conall

Cecilia Dominic

Elianne Adams

AK Michaels

Solease Barner

A collection of stories [by Melissa Snark] which reflect a number of paranormal genres.

Some I had read before, so I chose to read the new ones. Mainly wished I hadn’t!

Draken, by Solease Barner

1 star


Typical dragon shifter with a temper and huge Alpha issues meets human and…

You know the story, I know the story, we all know the story. So why bother to read it?

  • Noble Secrets by Cecilia Dominic 1 star as got bored quickly.
  • Call of the Dragon by Elianne Adams

I got really bored by chapter 20 of 27 chapters. It was fight – heal – fight – heal – fantasy land – traitor – and so on.

2 stars as I did get more than half-way through.

  • First Light by Tami Lund

Prequel to Light Bearer series.

Started OK but then I got bored. 2

  • Treasured Find by Nancy Corrigan

4 stars

  1. All Royals are twins.
  2. They don’t look like their siblings – why?
  3. All royals have 3 shifter animals inside them and are therefore extremely rare.

I bought the continuation story about messed up Royal Devin.

  • Beautiful Mistake by Nancy Corrigan

The Royals look for Molly, Megan’s twin.

Too repetitive from 1st book. 2

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When Archangels Fly

Angels' Blood Book Cover Angels' Blood
Guild Hunter #1
Nalini Singh
Fiction, paranormal, suspense, fantasy, angels, vampires

Hired by the archangel Raphael--a lethal being--vampire hunter Elena Deveraux must track down a rogue archangel on a killing spree, a job that leads her into Raphael's seductive and deadly embrace.


An alternate multiverse that you are taken into that is rich in experience and complexity.

Hooks you immediately  – and yes, I have now bought all the existing 9 books despite my internal war against the expense when I get so many free books – and have a library waiting for reading!

Where to start?

The main area of action is New York (and its surroundings. In this multiverse, Angels and Archangels are real beings. Possibly an alien race but even they are not sure. A race that is effectively immortal, although after many thousands of years they tend to get tired of existence and go to Sleep.

No-one knows how many Angels and Archangels Sleep, nor where or even how this Sleep is maintained. It is possible, their history says, for an Angel who is asleep to wake and Sleep again many times but…

Archangels, by virtue of their long life, effective immortality (immune to disease, can regenerate limb and wings etc) rule the world in 10 different sectors, divided roughly equally.

There are also Vampires ‘Made’ by the Angels mostly as servants. Vampires are also effectively immortal – unless you cut their heads off and incinerate them. But yes, they can walk in the sunlight and perform normal tasks, they just live a long time as long as they drink a little blood.

From time to time, vampires get blood lust and start to kill instead of just drinking, and then they are Hunted. Which is where our heroine Elena comes in.  She is our Wonder Woman archetype. She is strong, fast, exceptional at her job of tracking, and lovely too.  And the Archangel ruling New York becomes rather a fan… even if he is rather a frightening character.

This is a series that really grips. I didn’t believe the reviews but now I do!

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Paris again but more

Weeia on my Mind Book Cover Weeia on my Mind
Weeia Marshals #2
Elle Boca
fantasy, science fiction, paranormal,
Poyeen Publishing
31 July 2016

Paris marshal Danni Metreaux has her hands full with criminals preying on a local Weeia merchant, a fresh trainee and the happy distraction of a new love interest. Her instincts tell her that a powerful Weeia has been forcing humans to commit a series of crimes, and wiping their victim’s memories, leaving them to human justice. Will Danni be able to discover who is behind the crimes and stop them without losing her own mind?

Danni is still in Paris and has a new trainee to help her but she suspects that a certain Weeia has been working with criminals and using mind power to influence humans.

She is helping a shopkeeper with his small issue about blackmail – protection money as the book starts but this proves to be just a very small problem in her life in Paris. It was a small world for the Weeia even if they lived in a large city. All knew, or knew of each other.  And thus they all knew who to call on when they had problems. And that was Danni.

As the originality of the story had been explored in book one, this book relies more on the situation and its characters and this falls a little flat as it becomes just another detective novel. Still quite well written but…

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