Forgotten life in Vegas? You would not be unusual…

Wann Get Lucky? Book Cover Wann Get Lucky?
Lucky O'Toole Vegas Adventure
Deborah Coonts
romance, contemporary, women's fiction, suspense, humour, women sleuths
Deborah Coonts
(13 Feb. 2017)

A young woman plunges from a Las Vegas sightseeing helicopter, landing in the Pirate Lagoon in front of the Treasure Island Hotel in the middle of the 8:30 Pirate Show. Almost everyone writes her off as another Vegas victim. But, Lucky O'Toole, head of customer relations at the Babylon mega casino, smells a rat, though she's got a lot on her plate: the adult film industry's annual awards banquet, a spouse-swapping convention, sex-toy purveyors preying on the pocket-protector crowd attending ElectroniCon... Still Lucky can't resist turning over a few stones.

When a former flame is one of the snakes she uncovers, Lucky is certain the woman's death was no Sin City suicide. To top it all off, Lucky's best friend, Teddie--Las Vegas's finest female impersonator--presses to take their relationship to the next level. Leave it to Lucky to attract a man who looks better in a dress than she does.

Lucky must manage the Babylon's outrageous festivities, solve the crime, and struggle to keep her life and libido from spinning out of control.

This series explains why, despite a strong sense that I really should be a voyeur there for 24 hours, just to gape, mouth open, I don’t ever intend to go to Las Vegas.

The town offends me on so many ways and levels.

The ostentation. The flash and glitter. The incredible waste of water (it’s a desrt – don’t taje water from farmers, and yes, the town wouldn’t exist if they didn’t – but is tat such a bad thing? the catering to addictive tastes – gambling and drinking being only two. And then there is the ridiculous architecture as is exemplified in the hotel that is core to these stories – The Babylon. Although seeing a Mama Duck and her Ducklings wandering through a hotel foyer would be fun. Not to mention the selfishness of the people who go there, as deomstrated in this particular story in the series, where a guest at the hotel, being denied passage in the main body of the airplane for her 3 cats, shuts them in her trunk and puts them in cargo. And then demands that the hotel deals with a. the urine smell on her clothes; b. the urine smell in her trunk; and c. find the cats who had run away! Well, wouldn’t you run from such an owner?

And then there are the Conventions that are held there. Probably because nowhere else would have them, such as the Swingers, and the Adult Film Industry (aka porn) Awards.

All that beside, you read the book mouth agape at this strange world, but also smiling and sometimes giggling at the antics got up to. And how our heroine copes. Note to self, elbows break noses and don’t get bruised knuckles..

I like this series, so far. It is well written. Fun to read. Not heavy and really good for the beach or garden.

And PS., the cellulite for bums and thighs treatment is also used in burns scars treatment, at a lower intensity – as i know from personal experience. It helps loosen up the skin..


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Can the dead remember?

The competing offerings in a very small town on the edge of the desert, nestled in a valley in the mountains, made it into a truck stop and wayside stop for (executive) travellers.
Gambling and ladies of a certain morality available at the two ends of the spectrum and the town works as the establishments are aimed at different markets.
At one of these establishments, the truck stop versions, the truckers have a couple of sidelines that make good use of their trucks and make them more money than just shuttling their loads.
  1. 1. The transport of stolen goods away from their point of origin to another site where they can be sold ‘no questions asked’.
  2. 2. Transport of cannabis. This being flown into the local private airport by a small plane and then sent onto to further destinations by road.
Both of these streams of income are very tempting to others.
And then there is some very dodgy financial dealings going on through the local bank  - note that centralised banking conglomerates as per the UK and Europe were certainly less common at the time this book was set, and there were a lot of very small and very local banks.
The main ethos of all the people living in the town was that of the 3 monkeys:
I don’t see; I don’t hear; I don’t say.
Unfortunately one policeman decided to see, and hear, and then say.
Peter Bragg was a PI involved in some death threats to an ex-member of this small town and went to discover why this was happening and then became embroiled in the seeing and hearing. 
But did he see and hear the truth? 
And just how much of this truth did he hear? 
And with whose agenda?
This is the first book in the series and other than the issues with phones stands up well to modern situations.

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