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Enter cake

Love Lies and Lemon Cake Book Cover Love Lies and Lemon Cake
Jayne Bartholomew
romance, contemporary, women's fiction,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(7 April 2014)

A lot can happen in a year. Mark is struggling to juggle redundancy with an extremely expensive supermodel fiancée who wants a show-stopping wedding in Las Vegas. After years on the move, Kate returns to her home village and unknowingly brings a problem from the past with her. Penny yearns for a little more spice in her marriage to the vicar, but when she does find something that excites her, it’s not quite what she expected. There’s sabotage in the tea room and Laura’s in a coma. Love, Lies and Lemon Cake is a cheerful and uplifting look into village life. Go on, have a nibble…

Sweet as the name

Village life as it isn’t,  but who cares, it’s a novel.

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