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The Bear Shifter's Nanny Book Cover The Bear Shifter's Nanny
Fated Mates
Jasmine Wylder
paranormal romance, shifters,
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
(18 Dec. 2017)

Falling in love with a murder suspect? Thrilling.

It's not easy being a shifter without a clan. But finally, Jasmine Rowland has a job at least. Well, being a nanny is not what she had dreamed of, but it pays the bills. Also, there are worse places to be than around that handsome Doctor Alava with his tight clothes, showing every vein and muscle of his body. But something is definitely wrong with him. What is he hiding?

Dr. Eneko Alava’s love left a long time ago. There is not such a thing as a mate for him anymore. All focus is on his beloved children and his practice, a medical clinic for shifters set up in the heart of bear shifter territory. But wait, why then is his inner animal panting for his nanny now? That isn’t supposed to happen.

And suddenly…


One suspect.

No place to hide.

With the law against them and time running out, can Eneko and Jasmine find love? Or does fate have other plans for them?

3 books about Bear Shifters reviewed here:

  1. The Bear Shifter’s Nanny. Jasmine Wylder

A young Jaguar shifter is a rare beast and doesn’t have a clan. Which is especially difficult in a town where shifters are viewed with suspicion and hostility by the ‘normal’ populace.

But shifters need medical treatment as much as anyone – well perhaps not quite as much – but they still need a doctor – and he wants to continue to operate a clinic even though he is accused of murder.

2. Sheltered by the Alpha Bear. Amelia Rock

I found this too obvious and the writing too distracting to both reading every page. Also the final job offer from a university/college was unlikely in the extreme. [2.5 stars]

3. Protected by the Billionaire Bear. Amelia Rock

I got seriously bored half-way through. The same story as her two previous books just dressed up slightly differently. [2]

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What date did this happen?

Deaths of December Book Cover Deaths of December
Susi Holliday
police procedurals, female sleuths, murder, British Detective
Mulholland Books; 01 edition
(16 Nov. 2017)

It looks like a regular advent calendar.

Until DC Becky Greene starts opening doors . . . and discovers a crime scene behind almost every one.

The police hope it's a prank. Because if it isn't, a murderer has just surfaced - someone who's been killing for twenty years.

But why now? And why has he sent it to this police station?

As the country relaxes into festive cheer, Greene and DS Eddie Carmine must race against time to catch the killer. Because there are four doors left, and four murders will fill them . . .

It's shaping up to be a deadly little Christmas.

A story with a nice final twist to the tale. You think it has ended – the serial murderer has confessed and is in jail – but no.

We then read more of the detective’s back stories and then comes the final twist…

A nice detective pair, but why have both of them got a problem in their personal life? This is getting to be just too much of a cliche.


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And the fire burns brightly

Bonfire Book Cover Bonfire
Krysten Ritter
women's sleuths, psychological, mystery
November 9, 2017

Nothing burns as bright as the truth.

It has been ten years since Abby Williams left home and scrubbed away all evidence of her small town roots. Now working as an environmental lawyer in Chicago, she has a thriving career, a modern apartment, and her pick of meaningless one-night stands.

But when a new case takes her back home to Barrens, Indiana, the life Abby painstakingly created begins to crack. Tasked with investigating Optimal Plastics, the town's economic heart, she begins to find strange connections to a decade-old scandal involving the popular Kaycee Mitchell and her friends―just before Kaycee disappeared for good.

But as Abby tries desperately to find out what happened to Kaycee, troubling memories begin to resurface and she begins to doubt her own observations. And when she unearths an even more disturbing secret, her search threatens the reputations, and lives, of the community and risks exposing a darkness that may consume her.

With tantalizing twists, slow-burning suspense, and a remote, rural town of five claustrophobic miles, Bonfire is a dark exploration of what happens when your past and present collide.

A story that is based, as we know only too well, on frequent truths.

Small towns and political corruptions in return for jobs and a thriving economy and never mind the poor who live on the wrong side of the tracks and reap the rewards of this unholy alliance.

Chemical companies it is rumoured are the most frequent polluters of water and yet the list of the ten worst polluters are:

1. Agriculture
2. Mining
3. Fishing
4. Nuclear
5. Fuel
6. Plastics
7. Textile Manufacturing
8. Cleaning
9. Auto Manufacturing
10. Recreation
And the Daily Beast in 2010 claimed that the EPA estimated that there were 3,500 chemical spills each year, requiring $260 million to clean.
For instance, take  Milford, New Hampshire, with a population of 10,000, and the local Fletcher’s Paint Works and Storage. Within 2 Acres  34 Toxic chemicals were found.

Soil and groundwater around the site was found  to be contaminated with arsenic, lead, PCBs, and other chemicals, including volatile organic compounds. Which were also in the municipal water supply.

So why should we believe the chemical company in this story when it claims that the reservoir tests clean?  And what will it and those involved in the local corruption etc do, to ensure that the plant keeps on working without interference?

A story that has obvious links as shown above, with reality, but is then stretched into a complex and intriguing novel that keeps you reading.

PS. Abby does not reflect the Jessica Jones character too closely – but definitely drinks far too much!

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What cops eat….

The Donut Shop Murder: A Greektown Story Novella Book Cover The Donut Shop Murder: A Greektown Story Novella
(Detroit Detective Stories Book 5)
Suzanne Jenkins
crime, detectives

Four days before Thanksgiving, the dead body of a paralegal is found dumped on a residential street in Midtown Detroit. A receipt for two cups of coffee in the gutter near her body leads Detectives Zannos and Wong to the New Delhi Donut shop. Questions arise - who killed her, and why did the murderer break her fingers and move her body?
A prequel to The Greeks of Beaubien Street and the other Greektown Stories.

Nice (cosy) murder mystery with detectives who are not suffering from angst, drinking problems or other personality flaws. Nicely twisted plot with lots of potential suspects.

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What was that word again?

The Word Is Murder Book Cover The Word Is Murder
Anthony Horowitz
thriller, suspense, Sherlock Holmes, psychological
August 24, 2017

A wealthy woman strangled six hours after she's arranged her own funeral. A very private detective uncovering secrets but hiding his own. A reluctant author drawn into a story he can't control. What do they have in common? Unexpected death, an unsolved mystery and a trail of bloody clues lie at the heart of Anthony Horowitz's page-turning new thriller. SPREAD THE WORD. THE WORD IS MURDER.

About 60% of the way through Horowitz announces he knows who the murderer is and why. But I’d already thought about that solution – and dismissed it. Certainly I agreed with his reason, but not the identity. And guess what – the solution was not what he thought.

Now this may seem a strange way of starting a review – isn’t Horowitz the author? So how can he be working out the who the killer is? He must know surely.

Well this story is told autobiographically where Horowitz the author plays Horowitz the story participant.

Which was a very interesting concept of telling a pseudo PI/Sherlock Holmes story.

For me it was refreshing and original.

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