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Plenty of cats here…

A Devilish Disappearance: Book Cover A Devilish Disappearance:
Cats, Ghosts, and Avocado Toast #3
NM Howell
A hilariously witchy reverse harem mystery
Dungeon Media Corp.
(13 July 2018)

An upcoming wedding, a disappearing body, and three totally smitten cats.

Price Jones, with the help of her three furry housemates and spirited landlady, has finally launched her thrift shop and juicebar. But when a dead body appears then disappears from their favorite neighborhood coffee spot, mayhem sweeps through Salem once again.

With the wedding of her douchebag ex-fiancee looming ahead, Price Jones has enough on her mind besides solving yet another suspicious disappearance.

But with the guys at her side, her new and improved self is ready to take on just about anything... even if she has to put on a dress to do it.

3  books and a  novella in this collection by Howell but only the novella has the ‘action’ as regards what you might call an adult theme of a reverse harem as suggested.

That said, I found the books gently amusing, cosy but does contain swearing, hints and innuendoes.

That said, her 3 ‘cats’ who are shifters or witch familiars if you prefer, are called, Finn, Tom and Pussy. Yes – he really is….


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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

How the very rich behave

Filthy Rich: A Billionaire Romance
Box Set
Summer Cooper
contemporary fiction, romance, humour,erotic

Filled with sizzling hot billionaires and enough heat to melt your e-reader. These sexy alpha males know exactly how to satisfy you. Look inside to meet the billionaires.

Book 1 - Billionaire In Vegas
Cocky. Filthy rich. Hot.
There’s nothing Jude can’t have in life.
But he’s never met someone like Lacey.
Uptight. Pragmatic. Undersexed.
To him, she’s funny and sexy.
If only Lacey felt the same way.
Will a little time in Vegas change things?

Book 2 - Billionaire Hunt 
Erik wants a family. A baby. Not love.
But he doesn’t want just any woman to carry his baby.
When he was introduced to Misha, he knew she was perfect for the job.
If he can convince her to say yes.
If he can resist falling for her.

Book 3 - Billionaire’s Game 
Billionaire. Philanthropist. Florida’s most eligible bachelor.
Magnus Deacon is determined to win a game show for his favorite charity.
But he needs the perfect partner — Lesli Cabot.
She’s not just beautiful, she’s intelligent.
Nothing like the women he usually dates.
But she’s decided he’s not the boyfriend type.

Book 4 - Billionaire Retreat
Boys will be boys.
Griffin knew exactly what his brother’s bachelor party would involve.
Alcohol. Gorgeous blondes. Paradise island.
But he wasn’t expecting to pair up with her — Nina Charles.
He knows how to charm a lady, how to have a good night.
But he has no idea how to handle the rest.

Book 5 - Billionaire On Air
Sexy. Attractive. Rich. And single.
That’s why he was set up and chosen to be on a TV dating show.
Find The Billionaire!
But he’s sick of the lifestyle and the gold diggers.
Could a reality show really change any of that?

Book 6 - Winning Her
Trent is back in town.
He needs to save the family fortune.
He wants to win her heart.
But Jessi won’t even talk to him.
He may be hotter than ever, but can she ever forgive him?

Book 7 - Claiming Her
Mason dates models.
Well, ‘date’ may be a strong word.
He f@cks models. No relationships.
But there’s something different about Laura.
All he wants to do is to protect her and make her his.
For life.
If she’ll let him.
But something is holding her back.

On the whole an enjoyable read, but I do have a couple of issues with the author – Summer Cooper. Now Summer, I don’t know how old you are – I can’t find a photo of you easily – but you don’t sound from what you say about yourself to be ‘elderly’, so I am going to assume that you are under 50. Do correct me if I’m wrong!

But your writing about characters has certainly got the wrong generation feel about those older than 50. So here are some examples I pulled out of this box set.

(Loc 8760) Mrs Mallory was portrayed as ‘small, bent, with silvery-white hair in a loose bun and ‘for an elderly lady was active, fun-loving’. She was 70! Really – this is a portrait of a women of 70 from 70 years back. I am nearly 70 and whilst I’ll admit to the white hair (dyed though to a better and fashionable gray) and so are my friends, none of us are bent or in any other than form than fun loving – always! We also object to being characterised as being elderly. We are in late Middle Age please.

Why should anyone worry about a 70 year old woman cooking? And for a family? We all do that. All the time. And many of my friends are also minding their young grand-children at that.

And then (Loc 10894) we have someone ‘getting on in years, but he still considered himself young and spry. He wasn’t (my bold and caps) EVEN IN HIS SIXTIES yet, and he was retired’. Seriously. Getting on in years? I’ll admit that about myself in another 10 years. I certainly didn’t feel that in any way when 50.

Finally, ‘I’m not exactly young anymore, you know. I’ll be hitting 30 SOON‘. (Loc 13513). Now the only time you should worry about being getting older to have a child, these days, is when you are 40. If you are looking to have children in your 20s then you are VERY young. mid thirties is more the norm.

My final gripe with this book (Loc 4760) you should  n feed bread to either ducks or turtle. They lack the enzymes to break down the nutrients and this is therefore the worst thing you can do to enable them to eat poorly.

So. I have given this book a 3 stars because of its ageism and its not being environmentally responsible to wildlife.



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Small but deadly

Pint Sized Protector
Bad Boy Inc #2
Eve Langlais
romantic suspense, contemporary
Eve Langlais
(10 Oct. 2017)

Now there is one thing I learnt in Judo when I was younger that being pint -sized myself gave you several advantages when fighting tall and bulky males.

1. They underestimated you. And

2. You could get under their guard and throw them down before they knew it, as your centre of gravity was underneath theirs.

So being pint sized, if you are feisty, is often a good thing.

So enjoyed this feisty kickass pint-sized female story as it had resonations…

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance

Nature Vs Nurture

Unloved Book Cover Unloved
Katy Regenery
romantic suspense
Katharine Gilliam Regnery;
1 edition (16 Sept. 2017)

My name is Cassidy Porter...
My father, Paul Isaac Porter, was executed twenty years ago for the brutal murder of twelve innocent girls.
Though I was only eight-years-old at the time, I am aware - every day of my life - that I am his child, his only son.
To protect the world from the poison in my veins, I live a quiet life, off the grid, away from humanity.
I promised myself, and my mother, not to infect innocent lives with the darkness that swirls within me, waiting to make itself known.
It's a promise I would have kept...if Brynn Cadogan hadn't stumbled into my life.
Now I exist between heaven and hell: falling for a woman who wants to love me, while all along reminding myself that I must remain...
**NOTE: This book is intended for readers 18+**

An interesting twist on the murderous genes dilemma. Nature Vs Nurture?

Of course, in articles, there is some scientific discussion of the X variant that that causes an MAOA deficiency that then links to violent behaviour according to some studies.

This is also known by some as the ‘warrior gene’. Which of course, was very useful when we lived in small tribes and needed to defend ourselves against others but in today’s society, not so much. And adding this genetic trait to a soldier is a bad move.

But other scientific studies have linked this gene to serial killers or mass murderers and this is an on-going controversy.

There is evidence that psychopaths / sociopaths make up a significant proportion of the prison population – but what causes a psychopath? Are they born or made? And this is the underlying issue that this story centres around. If they are born then our ‘hero’ must remain unloved and isolated from any population that might cause this gene to function. But our hero hasn’t demonstrated the typical childhood behaviour of a psychopath – the animal killing etc – so does he really have this gene?

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Books/book review/fiction/Romance/crime fiction

Ooh, a six-pack

Latvis Security Services Book Cover Latvis Security Services
romance, contemporary, women's fiction, military, mystery, suspense

Enjoy 5 military romance books in this discounted bundle.
Currently FREE with the Kindle Unlimited Program or $0.99.
All full length books. No cliffies!

Rebecca Jones grew up working in travelling carnivals. She likes the work, the freedom, and the sense of family that the carnival workers provide, especially since she’s become a single mother. Recently, however, she’s grown concerned for the safety of her daughter. They’ve gone to numerous towns now, but each time they set up shop she sees the same man. And each time he seems fixated on her daughter. Independent and direct, Rebecca tries to handle it on her own, but she can never seem to corner the man and no one else notices him. When she spots him trying to lure her daughter away she contacts Latvis Security Services for help.

Andrea Chin is a fashion designer who, despite her small size, attracts a lot of attention, sometimes from all the wrong people. When one man crosses the line and begins stalking her and her models, she needs the help of Mads Latvis’ detective agency. Mads assigns her a bodyguard in the form of Dwayne Kingston, a big, burly, and boyish army veteran with a surprising amount of charm.

After dozens of letters between them, genius scientist Baroness Natalie Vladimirovich finally gets to meet American private detective, Jai. The only problem is, Natalie doesn’t actually want to meet Jai in the flesh. She prefers to keep men at a distance—a decent letter writing distance, for instance. But then Natalie’s cousin Mads, Jai’s boss, drags almost his entire detective agency overseas in order to protect his relative from a deranged stalker. So now Natalie’s castle home has been invaded, thoroughly disrupting her experiments. Worse yet, her mind has also been invaded … and her heart.

Gwen Dahl towers over men not only in physical size but also in strength. When Jamie Hardy shows up in her small town, Gwen is shocked that he’s immediately and obviously interested in her. From Jamie’s perspective, he can’t understand why Gwen doesn’t see what he instantly sees in her. When Gwen’s brother Gawain is trapped outdoors in a life-threatening storm, Jamie gets to see Gwen’s real strength in action as together they race to save Gawain. But can he get Gwen to put aside past hurts and trust him with her heart as much as she is trusting him with her life?

Mads Latvis has sacrificed a lot in his life, to take care of the people he loves most. Over the years, he’s helped every person he’s been able to, in order to somehow atone for not helping the people who mattered most—his parents, who were stolen from him as a young child. But in his quest for revenge, Mads has becoming increasingly obsessive and lost, attempting to push away those now closest to him. Willow Millier is willing to go in order to keep the man she loves safe from all harm even if she has to stand between Mads and all his enemies, within and without, past and present, in order to bring him home again.

So the Carnival comes to town, with a trick horse rider, rides, and clown shows, and a creepy child stalker.

There are very different characterisations of the PIs/Bodyguards that makes these 5 books an interesting read. Her style is easy and flowing, and the stories move along with romances for all of course.

#1. Darren is a reclusive person and his client is Rebecca who is a trick horse rider with the Carnival, and who also has a daughter who is being stalked.

This story shows how they connect and how Darren shows off his own rodeo skills and acquires a daughter, who he teaches to dismantle and re-assemble a motor-bike.

#2. The irrepressible Dwayne, hulk and jokester falls for a dress designer Andrea and shows off his muscles. One of his favourite things to do is to sling Andrea over his shoulder and carry her around. And she loves it!

#3. Jai the ex-army doctor meets his pen-pal Natalie, who turns out to be not only brilliant but awkward and also, rather unexpectedly, Mad’s cousin, with whom he was very close growing up. And not only does it turn out that Mads is a Count, who speaks 8 languages – at least – but he also has a Scottish castle, is a psychiatrist, and a romantic matchmaker.

#4. Jamie, the model lookalike is the last of Mads’ employees to find his match and he falls for an ex-army girl who is taller and heavier than him – and really the complete opposite of his erstwhile fiancée – and turns out to be great fan of camping.

#5. Alongside all the other romances runs the one of Mads and Willow the florist who has the shop downstairs.

Willow it seems, had a very difficult past life. She was a wayward teenager and spent some time n a cult with a charming and manipulative leader – now in prison. This leader send her regular mail which leads to Willow and Mads spending significant time together for their attraction to be acted upon. Note – this story is sexually explicit and features some fetishes.

Each novel features a reason for the agency run by Mads to undertake protection work alongside the romance stories.

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