The Last Widow Book Cover The Last Widow
Karin Slaughter
General Fiction (Adult) , suspense, thriller
13 Jun 2019

Michelle felt her mouth drop open. A van slid to a stop beside her daughter. The side door rolled open. A man jumped out. Michelle gripped her keys. She bolted into a full-out run, cutting the distance between herself and her daughter. She started to scream, but it was too late. Ashley had run off, just like they had taught her to do. Which was fine, because the man did not want Ashley. He wanted Michelle

Karin Slaughter is one of my favourite authors but this time she served up a book that was very dark indeed and delves into the psychoses of several people including her hero and heroine as well as their foes. A gripping book that goes to the wire.

The story shows just how mad can some Americans get in their belief in how the original and entitled inheritors of the land are white men – yes, women are only useful for providing children and looking after the men. So a complete patriarchal society and selective memory as to who ‘owned’ the land they claim.

And then there is the belief that young girls really do want to be raped by fathers and other males from a very very young age – yes, according to paedophiles they are sexually aware and ready from babyhood.

So we have a man, a paedophile in fact, who is a cross between a prepper – in that he wants to live off the land and in a very basic ‘biblical’ manner, whereby the patriarch has many wives (even if they are all his female children); that all other ‘adult’ males can be used as cannon fodder but shouldn’t be near his females unless he has absolute control over them – and a person who reasons that society has become corrupt and needs to be cleansed, violently, and as completely as possible, and is willing to sacrifice everyone else to his beliefs. I am not American but I do believe that there are white supremacists who believe similar things about society and that being white is to be the world’s inheritor.

The last widow is to be the witness to this sacrifice to ensure that society knows who performed the cleansing and why.

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