Saved By Their One-Night Baby Book Cover Saved By Their One-Night Baby
SOS Docs
by Louisa George
Romance , Women's Fiction
Mills & Boon
Pub Date 27 Jun 2019

Can a shock baby…
…redeem this damaged doctor?

In this SOS Docs story, the last person paediatrician Ethan Reid expects to see on board the rescue boat during his latest humanitarian mission is nurse Claire Durand. The woman he shared an electrifying, anonymous encounter with is now his newest colleague! Life’s taught Ethan to keep everyone at arm’s length, but Claire’s bombshell changes everything. Because Ethan’s no longer alone – Claire’s pregnant, with his baby!

The answer is given away of course by the title of this book, so if you are looking for a surprise you aren’t going to get one.

What will surprise you however, is the setting.

Whilst this is the traditional doctor-nurse romance it is set at sea – whilst rescuing refugees in the Med. A medical ship board romance but set in the ship that takes in the survivors from the dodgy rafts and boats that set sail from Africa hoping to reach Europe whilst dreadfully over loaded and under powered.

I enjoyed the writing style and the story biut do wish the female lead wasn’t the nurse so many times!

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