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Hellebores and more

This is a note on one of the gardens we went to visit while in Somerset.

East Lambrook Manor Gardens were the home of Margery Fish, the garden writer.

Margery began her career as a ‘normal’ journalist assisting Lord Northcliffe of the Daily Mail in the 1920s. When she moved out of London, just before WW2, she and her husband took over a derelict manor house with a comparatively small garden – as manor houses go.

As she developed this garden she also wrote many articles and books. She wrote for Amateur Gardening, The Field and her first book was the story of how she made the garden at Lambrook Manor.

She was the gardening writer who made the ctaooge garden style so very popular and her garden at Lambrook is recognised as the prime exemplar of this and is listed as Grade 1 by English Heritage.

She died in 1969 but her garden has remained in private hands each owner maintaining faithfully the garden she set out.

As is our garden, hers is divided into different areas and is lovely in the early Spring as now as there are great collections of snowdrops including ones developed in the garden, hardy geraniums beginning to come out, and of course, hellebores. I’m afraid we couldn’t resist and bought 3 doubles: Yellow Speckled, Apricot and Purple Cascade. The first two are photographed here already inserted into our front garden.

hellebore double yellow speckled - Hellebores and more

Our front garden is intended to be at its best at this time of year and as well as hellebores we also have drifts of blue pulmonaria but the crocii have already faded.

Below you will see a couple of photographs of our garden with the cornus stems standing proud.

Anemone Blanda open blue and white when the sun shines and the magnolias are opening too. We still have a winter cyclamen in flower – like a small crimson flame but fading fast. All the daffs and narcissi are also bursting out and then fading.

cornus front - Hellebores and morepulmonaria and hellebore front - Hellebores and moreunder the blue fir - Hellebores and morehellebore double apricot2 - Hellebores and more

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