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Motorbikers are Wolves in disguise?

Wild Nights with a Lone Wolf


Elisabeth Staab


Netgalley review


Wolves operate in packs and like to do things together. As do werewolves.

They can also be somewhat impulsive and aggressive within the pack and to those outside of the pack. They like to hunt – search, pursue and capture together.

They also need an alpha dog and his mate. This is part of the ‘top dog’ effect. Packs need a leader and the leader must demonstrate strength and ability to dominate.

This means that weres often get into trouble with the law. So much so that some werewolfpacks find that only illegal jobs or ways of earning a living are available to them.

So some packs become biker gangs trading in drugs and girls. Bikers because the thrill an adrenaline rush of riding a motorbike suits their personalities.

In this book we see a clash between members of a pack where some want to operate within the law and others – the majority – don’t.

A young FBI agent on holiday falls into the centre of this clash accidentally and it changes her life. She goes from prim and proper to enjoying an adrenaline fuelled relationship.

I am not sure that this books adds anything much to this genre. The storyline – good girl meets bad – but reformed guy – and falls for him before she finds out he is reformed, is very common. That said, it was a fairly enjoyable read and reasonably written stylistically.

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