No Prince at all

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Secrets of Stone #1
Angel Payne, Victoria Blue
Waterhouse Press LLC
March 6, 2018
four star - No Prince at all

Once upon a time, a girl attended a big party at the palace, met a prince, and they fell in love… My name is Claire Montgomery, and I’m no princess. I’m a fighter. I’ve worked hard to earn my place with one of the largest public relations companies in the country, and I’m on the verge of one of the most important victories of my career. We’ve been called to Stone Global Corporation to clean up the family’s filthiest laundry, and I’m on my game. I’m ready. But am I ready for Killian Stone? They say it’s never too late to live happily ever after… I’m Killian Stone. They call me the Enigma of the Magnificent Mile. Elite tycoons want into my bank account, and their wives and daughters want into my pants. They’ll do anything for a piece of the enigma—until a crack in our castle is too large to ignore. I’m thrilled. This scandalous fissure distracts everyone’s attention from the bigger secret I’m hiding. But when Claire Montgomery walks through my door, I’m captivated. For the first time in my life, I long to shed the enigma. To share…my secret.

This is a nicely written story about a 'prince'_ a rich entrepreneur - and a romance with a 'poor' girl.
Claire works for a very high powered PR firm which specialises in turning disasters into 'wins'
She is the most junior member of team and works mostly behind the scenes. Which suits her very well as she has a secret-one which, if made known, could end up with her in jail. And this secret is being held over her by the daughter of the firm's owner.,
Killian, the Stone family's 'prince also has a secret. One which is not just his but the stone family's too.

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