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All You Need is a Duke Book Cover All You Need is a Duke
Duke Hunters Club #1
Bianca Blythe
Victory Editing NetGalley Co-op

When Margaret Carberry’s mother drags her upstairs at a ball, Margaret does not expect her mother to tie her to the bed and lock the door. Unfortunately, Margaret’s mother has taken it upon herself to declare Margaret compromised—whether or not Margaret wants to resort to such tactics to snare a husband. Jasper Tierney, the Duke of Jevington, is surprised to encounter a half-clothed woman sprawled upon his bed. He is even more shocked to discover her identity. Margaret Carberry is renowned as an incorrigible wallflower, not a seductress, no matter how appealing her bare flesh is against his bedding. When Margaret declares she won’t go along with her mother’s scheme and will find a husband on her own, Jasper vows to assist her, lest Margaret’s mother concoct another method to arrange a compromising situation. Jasper is certain of one thing: he has no desire to marry. As Jasper works to match Margaret to a fellow duke, the prospect of a forced marriage with her lacks its earlier loathsomeness. Perhaps he missed his chance for true bliss.

This was a really fun book to read – the combination of a wallflower and an incredibly determined mother who wants to climb the social ranks with a Duke for her daughter gives lots of great humorous moments in this story.

Margaret is a lot more courageous than she originally thought and jumping of of the window – well..

I like this series start and will certainly read more of them. The houseparty was a good idea too even though it didn’t really work for the Duke in the way he wanted it to. But this means we have several more Dukes to find out about their romances and have been introduced to them in preparation for the rest of the series..

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