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Sophie Green
Australian fiction, Literary Fiction, Family Sagas, Women Writers
five star - Remote Reading

'This gorgeous book completely carried me away' Jenny Ashcroft, author of Island in the East 'The perfect novel to curl up with on a cosy night in' Hello 'An absolute gem of a novel' Better Reading Australia You are warmly invited to join the Fairvale Ladies book club . . . 1978. Life in Australia's vast Northern Territory isn't always easy. Telephones are not yet common, and the treacherous seasons make even travelling to the next town a struggle. But Sybil Baxter is finding a way to connect . . . Bringing together her daughter-in-law Kate, who is finding it hard to adjust to married life, and her old friend Rita, often far away working hard for the Flying Doctors, Sybil starts a book club. Joined by Sallyanne, a mother of three with a trouble marriage, and Della, who moved to the country looking for adventure, they come together to bond over their favourite stories. But as life throws up challenges to each of its members, the club might just provide these five women with what they need more than anything: a friendship capable of overcoming any distance and weathering all seasons. _________________ Join other readers in discovering the joy of the Fairvale Ladies . . . 'A book showing more kindness between its pages than any I have read before' NetGalley Reviewer 'A warm hearted, generous book . . . it was a pleasure and a comfort to come back to the characters each night' Virginia McGregor, author of Before I Was Yours 'I didn't want this story to end and would happily spend time in this world each day' Amazon Reviewer 'The story is timeless, the characters realistic and descriptions of the landscape breathtaking' Amazon Reviewer 'Heartwarming and fulfilling' Australian Women's Weekly 'Wonderfully atmospheric' Sunday Mirror __________________ Perfect for readers of The Chilbury Ladies' Choir, The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society, The Sunday Lunch Club and The Lido.

 I guess the title intrigued me as I like to read about book clubs having been in them myself – and know about someof what happens within..

And this is the Northern Territory of Australia which I have never seen but is really really large and the home of the Flying Doctor. The romance of the Flying Doctor and Uluru gets to most people. And then they start reading :

My favourite quote was from Kate:

“Books give us the benefit of a lot of people’s experiences. They give us  more options to choose from – more ways to live – than we could ever find on our own.”

And then they read The Thorn Bird as the first book. Well that got me hooked. I did read it but I much preferred the TV series. How could anyone not fall in love with Richard Chamberlain as the priest? He was beyond dishy.. then.

And I loved the settings too.

So I read on and found the book excellent. The writing style, the content, the characters, the story, the whole of it.

I couldn’t stop reading and think this is one of the best of its type I’ve read for a very long time.

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