And Who’s your Father?

A Duke's Daughter
Kathleen Buckley
Historical Fiction | Romance
The Wild Rose Press, Inc
Pub Date 28 Apr 2020
three star - And Who's your Father?

Can a duke be thrown into debtor's prison? If so, Emily, dependent on her cousin, the heir to her father's impoverished dukedom, wonders what will become of her? With great reluctance, she agrees to marry a man willing to pay for an aristocratic bride. 

Rejected by the woman he loves, Ambrose Hawkins, shipper, importer, and former pirate, settles for a female who can further his social ambitions. His marriage to Emily is prospering until a man who blames Hawkins for the failure of his own courtship is murdered. Hawkins is the obvious suspect… 


…and the obvious suspect usually hangs. 

This is a competent story of Beauty and the Beast – here identified as a refined Duke’s Daughter and a rough shipowner and businessman, but it lacks any real spark.

For me, the characters seemed 2 dimensional with little depth. I also dislike women who knuckle under to stereotypes. The girl seemed particularly wishy washy at the beginning.

The story idea was reasonable, if not new, but needed to be better situated historically to give validity to the shipping, politics, coffee houses and fashions at the very least.

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