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Susan Payne
The Wild Rose Press Inc
July 6, 2020
two star - Marquesa?

One Marquess. One debutante. One waltz. And Miss Daisy Vincent's first season will never be the same. A less than stellar beginning to her first ball took a sudden and irrevocable change of direction once the handsome and popular Marquess of Ashton took notice of her. Ashton, prone not to interfere with the ton, certainly made a hash of things when he did. Trying to aid a naïve debutante has brought him into the limelight as every busy-body began betting on who his marchioness would be. And the one who most interested him wasn't even on the list.

So we have a young and innocent girl who is compromised – we’ve read this story before – and has to marry someone she loves from afar. He doesn’t love her, initially, but then falls for her gentle ways etc etc.

Her parents have a love match – and unexpectedly find themselves expecting another child having been childless since our young heroine’s birth and this has meant that she has gone to stay with her grandmother – who of course, wants her to marry well, but they are not in the right circle by birth.

The story felt stilted and the characters seemed 2 dimensional.  Whilst there was some length to the story, I didn’t feel the need to keep reading.

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