A Christmas with a lost lover as a present

Christmas With Her Lost-And-Found Lover Book Cover Christmas With Her Lost-And-Found Lover
(Mills & Boon Medical)
Ann McIntosh
Fiction, romance, Women's fiction
HarperCollins UK
September 17, 2020

He’s walked back into her life – After half a lifetime...

It’s years since Rohan Khan promised Dr. Elise van Hagen that he would be back for Christmas. He never returned and Elise raised their son alone. So, when the veterinarian reappears during a rescue in snowy Banff, Elise can’t believe her eyes! But Rohan has no memory of their past. Can these long-ago lovers make up for all the Christmases they have missed?

Second Chance Romance set in Banff with lots of snow, dogs and mountain rescue.

Elise was on the Search and Rescue team with her dog Baxter

 But had given it up – she claimed perhaps it was because she was getting older, even though she was extremely fit, but there had been incident with her last search and rescue that had left her psychologically scarred.

But she was called out on an emergency as no one else was available and an old flame, Rohan, turned up.  But Rohan had been dead for 27 years so who was this stranger? And she had a sone to concern herself about now so she needed to be very cautious.

Rohan Khan worked with animals, dogs, but wasn’t native or even living in Banff. He was just there to retrieve some dogs – huskies in fact – that had been rescued from a bad place where they had been mis-treated and finding himself called out to the rescue was not what he had been expecting. But the rescue was at the place he was collecting the huskies from so he helped Elise.

This is a story about love lost and found, but includes elements of inter-racial marriage, accidents, and to some extent, dealing with prejudice about life choices.

A nice ‘older characters’ romance with credible story-line. But seriously going out for mountain search and rescue in your 40s is seriously fit Elise!

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