What happens in Vegas: Series Review

Dark Ink Tattoo
Dark Ink Tattoo
Cassie Alexander (Author), Kellie Dennis (Illustrator)
paranormal, vampire, demons, devils
Argus Industrial
(1 Aug. 2016 -7)
four star - What happens in Vegas: Series Review

Jack's back in this new installment of Dark Ink Tattoo! No good deed goes unpunished -- and doubly so if you're already dead.

After the events of book 4, Jack thought he'd finally earned himself a break -- or at least a few fun nights -- but now that his Mistress is dead Maya needs help holding the club against other vampire gangs, he's got a bloodslave following him around like a puppy, a sacred warrior is hunting him down for his part in her partner's murder, Paco's going to become a vampire in three nights, Francesca won't let him forget he owes her, Dark Ink staff are about to riot, and the perpetual temptation of Zach still lives next door.

If you enjoyed the prior Dark Ink Tattoo books, you will continue to love the action and heat of this one -- and if you haven't read the first four, this book is a good place to start.

This is a series of box sets from KU that total up to 15 books – and I read them all in sequence!!!

Set in Las Vegas, in a seedy area, where the tourists come for an experience which often ends up being a tattoo. Each book tells the story of a different member of staff starting with the owner who sets up the first 24/7 tattoo parlour and who employs supernaturals of all varieties from the vampire who takes the night shift, to shifters to magic users and more… and sex is consensual, often rough and gender irrelevant.

The stories tend to be complicated, full of fights and difficult relationships from ex’s to current partners. There are nightclubs and bars and parties and motorcycle gangs. So, don’t expect a set of light and frothy stories – these are dark as the tattoos that are illustrated in the text. But somehow compulsive reading. Oh and nice illustrations too.

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