Add it to Rock ‘n Roll

content?id=M5OFzQEACAAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&source=gbs api - Add it to Rock 'n Roll Hex, Love and Rock n’ Roll
Coven Daughters 1
Kat Turner
Fiction, Fantasy, Magic. Witches
City Owls Press
1 Sept. 2020
two star - Add it to Rock 'n Roll

Helen undergoes an initiation ceremony to unlock latent magic in a desperate attempt to save her business. Her inexperience with witchcraft results in her accidentally hexing Brian, a famous rock star and her old celebrity crush. They fall in love while Helen struggles to lift the curse, but some cultist associates in Brian's inner circle want to harness the cursed energy to ensnare Brian in a possession plot motivated by greed. As Helen grows in her power, will her newfound competence as a spirit witch allow her to lift the hex, save Brian, and halt this Scarab-affiliated cult's scheme?

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An interesting take on magic but somewhat muddled in how it is explained.

The story has elements that in theory should keep the reader interested, but the style and storytelling minimise the interest rather than maximise.

I got to 50% of the way through, convinced I must be near to the end but was disappointed to find I wasn’t, and gave up.

2 stars for the right audience – which wasn’t me.

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