The Perfect Dress Book Cover The Perfect Dress
Louisa Leaman
romantic comedy, love, marriage
Transworld Digital - Random House
(17 Oct. 2019)

Fran’s wedding dress shop isn’t like any other. A treasure trove of history, filled with gowns from every decade for every type of bride. But not as you’d expect. Something bold for the shy and retiring. Something simple for the woman who is unafraid to stand out. And something dazzling for the bride who wouldn’t normally dare to be different. No matter your expectations, you’d never guess your own perfect dress. But Fran knows… she feels the wisdom woven into every gown, a gift from the previous owner waiting to be handed down to the next bride. When Fran finds a dress that seems to be perfect for her she can’t wait to know its complex history which starts with her getting to know the son of the previous owner

At first I thought no, not another a wedding dress shop with outsized women in mind, or with some fairy or other magical creature involved. But then it went into another direction. The concept of a vintage dress shop was lovely. And I was almost tempted to find one and give them mine. Yes, I still have it. And no, it hasn’t gone into the dressing up box. But no, it won’t fit me – or my daughter, but who knows, maybe a grand-daughter? It is very much of its era. Victorian themed with sprigs of lilac flowers on cream. Long sleeves and tucked in waist. Full length of course – but then I needed to hide my cast on my leg on the day!

I liked the idea that a dress ‘whispered’. But really felt that a dress can only tell you about the day and not what happens afterwards.

Overall, I liked the story-telling and the romance and the exploration of what happens behind closed doors in a wedding and its reasons.

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