Rizzoli and Isles #5
Tess Gerritsen
Crime, Psychological Suspense
Transworld Digital
(26 Jan. 2010)

Forensic Pathologist Maura Isles unzips a body bag and gets the fright of her life. The corpse opens its eyes. The woman is rushed to hospital, where she murders a guard and siezes hostages, including a heavily pregnant Detective Jane Rizzoli.

No one knows who this woman is, or what she wants. Only Jane, trapped with the madwoman, can solve the mystery.

If she survives the night . . .

‘I know a secret’

Who was Mr Simian?

As always we get excellent story-telling by this author, in a concise style, with enough red herrings and hints of the truth from real-life cases to keep you wondering – just who was Mr Simian (from the film being made in the story).

The characters behave believably, and the device of having part of the story being told by Holly and part in the 3rd person for the remainder of the action and characters worked very well.

Holly is a believable sociopath – she lacks empathy and emotional attachments and (possibly) also any morals or morality. She uses people clearly, but how far would she go to protect herself is unknown.

Mr Simian proves to be someone unexpected – in true good Agatha Christie style.

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