Azrael is often associated with the Angel of Death – thus we find the angel 300x138 - And enter the Angel of Deathnarrator chased Azrael after her husband died but was prevented from committing suicide like her husband by a police officer. And a Sean Bean look alike.

But, Andee is an unusual person in that she can see and talk with ghosts. In fact all of her life she is surrounded by these ghosts, who may need her to undertake tasks to free from their place in the world perhaps? Or maybe they are just lonely? It is unclear as the story begins.

What we do have are some very unusual characters with perhaps some demonic possession.  A tensely written narrative and paranormal fantasy as the norm including folk tales and some people who could be mentally ill – or not. You must decide.

An very interesting read that captivates the reader and pulls you into the strange world that the characters inhabit.

A book given for honest review by Xpresso Book Tours.

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