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The idea of writing about the great-great granddaughter of Sherlock Holmes actually arose because my publisher suggested I write a story about shifters and combine it with my background as a Criminology major. So, we started brainstorming about how we could combine these two factors, and I had the idea of a young girl working for a secret Conclave solving supernatural mysteries involving monsters. Now, Sherlock Holmes is the world’s most famous detective, and the whole atmosphere of running around in catacombs and hunting monsters reminded me of Victorian London, of eras long past, which is the timeframe for the Holmes novels. I wanted a main character who was as analytic, calculated and smart as the great detective, so why not make her Sherlock Holmes’ great-great granddaughter?

I think Sherlock Holmes is an inspiration for all mystery writers. He is, hands down, the world’s most famous detective. Instead of just drawing inspiration from the source material, I also wanted to give a wink to readers who are more familiar with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works: this is why the first novel in The Adventures of Marisol Holmes series is called “A Study in Shifters”, a twist on the first official Sherlock Holmes’ novel, “A Study in Scarlet”. The second book is called “The Sign of the Serpent,” a title which is a spin on the second Sherlock Holmes’ book, “The Sign of the Four”. Although the books are not similar in terms of content, I liked the idea of drawing inspiration from the titles. Hence again, the title of this book, “The Wolf of the Baskervilles”, reminiscent of “The Hound of the Baskervilles.”

The same is true for some characters in the book. Mannix, the villain, the descendant of Moriarty. Wyatt, who takes up the role of Watson. Indra, who partially takes up the role of Irene Adler from the original books. While they all remind of characters from the original, they’re all also very different, and that’s what I enjoyed the most about this series, being able to give subtle hints to the source material while writing something completely different. 

majanka - And it Howls: Majanka explains

Author Bio

Author Majanka Verstraete has written more than twenty unique works of fiction. A native of Belgium, Majanka’s novels explore the true nature of monsters: the good, the bad, and just about every species in between. Her young adult books include the acclaimed Mirrorland (YA Dark Fantasy) and Angel of Death (YA Paranormal) series of novels. At MHB, Majanka is currently developing a new YA shifter series with a fresh take on fierce female detectives called THE ADVENTURES OF MARISOL HOLMES.

When she’s not writing, Majanka is probably playing World of Warcraft or catching up with the dozens of TV series she’s addicted to.

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