Wild witches

Wilde and Witchy
complete series
Ruby Raine
paranormal romance -- urban fantasy-- supernatural suspense & mystery
Independently published
(23 July 2019)

"Sassy. Steamy. Magical. -- A cold shower is needed after reading this series!" Dani doesn't know she's a powerful witch - her unknown protectors murdered before passing on their knowledge. Now, evil sets their murderous intent on Dani: wanted dead--not alive, before she discovers she's the only witch powerful enough to stop the ultimate evil from rising. Join thousands experiencing Wilde & Witchy Today! All Dani Harper wanted was a vacation in the one place she could still call home.After tragedy strikes and she loses her mother, Dani needs a dose of the next best thing--her Aunt Marni, her three never-seem-to-age Siamese cats, some much needed summer sun, and endless moonlight and mojitos under the bright starry island sky each night.What she got, was thrown into the middle of two murder investigations, an old flame--in the form of the sexy local police chief--telling her the supernatural not only exists, but that she's a witch with a price on her head. He offers protection from this supernatural hitman, but Dani soon finds out its her heart and soul that needs the protection most because she's falling--again--for Galen Wilde, and he's got a wicked supernatural secret of his own.**The Complete Series Bundle:Book 1: The Day the Witch Stood Still Book 2: Gone With the WolvesBook 3: A Mating Most FoulBook 4: When the Shift BlowsBook 5: Phantom of the Opera House B&BBook 6: Someone to Witch Over MeBook 7: It's a Witchy Life (Series Finale)

So we have the Wilde witches – a family of female witches from New England – Blueberry Island – who have inherited powers. Each witch inherits powers as her forebears die – until the last witch standing will inherit all of them – and also a mega million fortune and loads of land and a mansion.

Finally there are 3 sisters and one goes bad – embraces the dark and is cast out of the family. The 2 sisters are murdered leaving only the one daughter left – who initially hadn’t realised that she was a witch as her mother and aunt had kept her powers from her. But on their death she inherited them and the millions and the mansion and and.. Whilst including a great many different magical and paranormal creatures and ideas from curse, werewolves, shifters, intersexuality; homophobia and the general issues of living on a small island where things often go bump in the night; the storylines also deal with the different social issues that result from sexuality and ability to bear children and others in a very nuanced and sensitive manner following up the characters and their emotions and fears.

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Quasi? Apparently but not really.

Quasi Redux
(Angelbound Origins, #8)
Christina Bauer
Genres: Fantasy, Paranormal, Young Adult
Published by: Monster House Books
Publication date: September 29th 2020

“Myla is a magnificent heroine, fierce and outspoken, hilarious and mischievous … And did I mention that her demon tail is sentient? Best. Sidekick. Ever.” – The Nocturnal Library Myla Lewis has her life back. Wife. Mother. Queen. Great Scala. Queen of the Thrax. Yay! Then one day, Myla runs across a supernatural waterfall that makes her igni screech like crazy. Our heroine speaks the fateful words, “Some days, I wish I weren’t the Great Scala.” The waterfall grants her wish. A moment later, Myla is back at Purgatory High. No husband. No child. No powers beyond her old quasi days. And without Myla around as the Great Scala, all quasis now live under Armageddon’s rule. That sucks. Hard. So Myla sneaks into Antrum—she simply must find Lincoln and figure this out. Once she arrives, two problems arise. First, her husband doesn’t know her. At all. Second, Lincoln is married to someone else. Fuuuuuuu…

How excited are you for this interview?

So freaking excited, I can’t even tell you. The Bouncing Tigger Reads is the BEST!!!

Can you tell your readers something about why you chose this particular topic to write about?
My Angelbound book series is set in the after-realms, an imaginary place that includes Heaven, Hell, Purgatory and some other stuff. I grew up Roman Catholic and always asked the nuns fun questions such as, what’s it like in Purgatory? Needless to say, I didn’t get all the answers I wanted. When I got to be an adult, I figured I’d ‘fill in the blanks’ and Angelbound was born.

What appealed to you about it?

I have a nasty habit of filling in backstory on stuff. It’s a lot of asking questions in my head… and then answering them while I’m driving around or whatever. For Angelbound, I was like, who are all the archangels and archdemons as people? What if Purgatory isn’t fire and suffering but more of a nasty strip mall? Things like that. Living inside my head is a very strange place to be.

I also fell in love with writing the heroine, Myla. Every character is a part of me, both the good and so-called bad. In terms of Myla, she’s a side of me that’s irreverent and full of energy. It’s a blast to put her on the page!

Why do you think it is different and your approach is unique?

What’s different about my stuff:

-I write my books in the first person voice, so it’s like the character is sitting next to you and dictating their life.

-I use pop culture references, f-bombs and make up my own words and phrases (shitburger is a new one I’m using in QUASI REDUX. You’re welcome.)
-There’s always lots of action and mind-bending imaginary situations

-You’re either obsessed with my work or you think I’m super annoying

-Aaaaaaaaand that’s about all I can think of right now. Thanks for having me stop by!


Christina Bauer thinks that fantasy books are like bacon: they just make life better. All of which is why she writes romance novels that feature demons, dragons, wizards, witches, elves, elementals, and a bunch of random stuff that she brainstorms while riding the Boston T. Oh, and she includes lots of humor and kick-ass chicks, too. 

Christina Bauer knows how to tell stories about kick-ass women. In her best selling Angelbound series, the heroine is a part-demon girl who loves to fight in Purgatory’s Arena and falls in love with a part-angel prince. This young adult best seller has driven more than 500,000 ebook downloads and 9,000 reviews on Goodreads and retailers. The first three books in the series are now available as audiobooks on Audible and iTunes. Bauer has also told the story of the Women’s March on Washington by leading PR efforts for the Massachusetts Chapter. Her pre-event press release—the only one sent out on a major wire service—resulted in more than 19,000 global impressions and redistribution by over 350 different media entities including the Associated Press. 

Christina graduated from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School with BA’s in English along with Television, Radio, and Film Production. She lives in Newton, MA with her husband, son, and semi-insane golden retriever, Ruby.

Be the first to know about new releases from Christina by signing up for her newsletter:

Twitter: @CB_Bauer
Web site:


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When is love real?

A Surprise Christmas Wedding Book Cover A Surprise Christmas Wedding
Phillipa Ashley
Fiction, romance, women's fiction
HarperCollins UK
October 19, 2020

The new festive romance from the Top 10 bestselling author of A Perfect Cornish Christmas. Perfect for fans of Sarah Morgan and Trisha Ashley.

It’s been a year since Lottie’s fiancé walked out, leaving her heartbroken. But things start to look up when she lands her dream job at a beautiful Lake District estate, with a handsome groundskeeper for a neighbour.

So when Lottie is asked to organise a last minute Christmas wedding at Firholme, she can’t wait to get started. Until she meets the couple, and discovers that Connor, the man who broke her heart, is the groom-to-be.

As snow falls on the hills, can Lottie put aside her past to organise the perfect winter wedding? And will there be any festive magic left to bring Lottie the perfect Christmas she deserves?

Phillipa Ashley So, Connor proposes and then he -un- proposes and in the meantime Lottie finds a job as an events manager on a great estate up in the Lake District of the UK. And then she meets Jay, the new estates manager, who has his own demons to face. And together they organise a wedding of a rather surprise couple. The wedding sounds wonderful and tame reindeer and sledges and… Wonderful area of the world if somewhat chilly and wet. and windy. And prone to being snowy in the winter – which stats early and ends late… and so I’m really glad the author hasn’t minimised the weather effect here – the snow can stay on the very mountain tops almost all summer and walkers often get lost or struggle because they have not taken the weather into account – sunny when they started and shorts and t-shirts but failed to bring the fleece and wet weather gear and then they get into trouble.  Take 2017 for instance, in the UK, there were only 9 days of the year when there was not a Mountain Rescue call-out. And in the Lake District there were 449 incidents alone! 356 of which were related to hill walkers with 13 fatalities. FYI there were also 10 animal rescues! My family love this area when the snow has just fallen – crisp and blindingly white – glorious to see when driving over the high passes – if they are clear. But the last time I went up there with friends and hubby – I went shopping and to a nice warm pool and spa instead of walking in the snow!  

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Snow piles up and the clues vanish

The Christmas Killer Book Cover The Christmas Killer
DI James Walker #1
Alex Pine
Fiction, Crime, Murder, Mystery
HarperCollins UK
October 29, 2020

As the snow begins to fall, the body count begins to climb...

DI James Walker is ready for a quiet family Christmas in the sleepy village of Kirkby Abbey.

But when he opens an early Christmas present left on his doorstep, he soon realises it is no gift. Inside is a gruesome surprise, and a promise – twelve days, twelve murders. Not long after, the first body is found, half frozen in the snow.

As the blizzards descend, panic spreads through the remote Cumbrian village – there’s a killer amongst them, and with eleven more victims to go, anyone could be next….

Can James stop the killer before they strike again?

So DI James moves his family from London to the Cumbrian village his wife grew up in, in the anticipation of a safer life. There had been threats – or so he believed – against his family in London and his wife was increasingly nervous living there. Her home village was small – less than 1000 people, and set in a lovely part of the world – Cumbria is great – if you can take the weather – another wet, windy and cold area of the world.

There are incidents and James starts to wonder if this is a local sicko or were they followed from London?

For me, this read like a Midsummer’s Murders storyline – a local murder spree with village spite and secrets and rivalries all being played out through murder.

A little too predictable in all the murderer was for me although plenty of red herrings – and if like me, you get curious as to where some of these phrases we use in everyday life come from, we can trace ‘red herring’ to a journalist of the early 1800s, who claimed to have used a very strong (red = going off) herring to lay a false trail when he was a boy trying to prevent hare coursing. And I also learned recently about where the phrase red handed comes from. In the Inns of Court in central London, here is an old Mulberry tree which has black fruits. If you eat these fruit – or even pick them, your hands are stained. Mulberry fruit were valuable and loved to be eaten in the 16/1700s, so boys used to go and pick the fruit to sell – and got caught because of the staining on their hands.

This Mulberry tree has black fruits and was planted by mistake by King James. He wanted to grow mulberries to feed silk worms as silk was so expensive – and the Huguenot weavers has settled in London and thus could weave him silk cheaply. Except it is the white mulberry that feeds silk worms! Oops.

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Who likes a wedding?

Happily This Christmas Book Cover Happily This Christmas
Happily inc #6
by Susan Mallery
Romance | Women's Fiction
Mills & Boon
Pub Date 29 Sep 2020

It’s the season of love, forgiveness… and tidings of trouble!

Wynn Beauchene is exactly where she wants to be: a successful business owner and single mum. Lately, however, something feels like it's missing. Even worse is Wynn's attraction to the gorgeous policeman next door.

With his pregnant daughter coming to stay, Garrick McCabe has one last chance to repair their strained relationship. Except his daughter seems to have turned into the Grinch, and now Garrick needs Wynn's help to turn this festive fiasco around… before it's too late.

For Garrick and Wynn, a little chaos is the perfect gift for revealing what—and who—matters most

Everyone in Happily Inc of course – after all this is what the town does – provides destination weddings. Not my first read of this series and hopefully, not my last.

So in this story we do neighbours and second chance romances; plus a few unexpected babies and pregnancies and how single mothers/fathers and others deal with them.

We concentrate on Garrick and Wynn, neighbours. She runs a printing and design company, has a son of 14 born out of wedlock; he is a Captain in the town police force and had a child when he was 17, who initially lived with her mother, but has come home to roost now at 21, pregnant, with her Marine husband deployed overseas.

Babies are very much the theme and how they grow up to become difficult teenagers! I am sure that many mothers will empathise with the problems discussed and the feeling that whatever you do you could be wrong but you just have to do the best you can.

And of course, you hear about some of the zany wedding themes that people can have.

As a UK person I still flinch when the talk comes round to guns and the police, and how the Military, in all its forms, has an element of hero-worship for many citizens in the States. The current situation in the States with police, guns and vigilantes re-emphasises this concern in me.

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