Redemption Bay Book Cover Redemption Bay
Haven Point #3
RaeAnne Thayne
HarperCollins UK
July 1, 2015

‘A rising star in the romance world. Her books are wonderfully romantic, feel-good reads that end with me sighing over the last pages.’ Debbie Macomber, bestselling author of Any Dream Will Do The perfect summer read from New York Times bestselling author RaeAnne Thayne

I recently got this book from NetGalley and Mills and Boon but then found it was first published in 2015.. and the author has since written a whole set of 11 books for this series plus a complete back story.

This book is the 3rd in the series but can easily be read alone. the story concept for the series is about healing – a lake where the native Americans used to come to heal sickness whether mental or physical but has lost its power over the years. These stories are about how the healng power was reinvigorated.

The Redemptions are an imaginary set of mountain in Idaho, although there is a Redemption Trail and a Redemption Rock at Post Falls. To my astonishment I have found that there are 114 mountain ranges in Idaho!!

It has hot springs, glaciers, mountain goats, peak bagging, salmon rivers, national forests and much more – and stretches up in a very narrow finger right up to the Canadian border. Great for the outdoor enthusiast but cold and rainy of course!

As for the story, it was a cosy second chance romance with some inter-racial element as the heroine was half-Mexican. With an unpronounceable name originally which was changed on her adoption.

It had some issues that it discussed about small towns and lack of industry and being cut-off from the main commercial routes – only 90 minutes to an airport! only… But in todays’ digital and zooming world, and considering they were thinking about a digital organisation, being close to an airport is not a big thing for most employees – just make sure you have enough band width!

Overall a nice story but are small towns really that nice to everyone? But it was supposed to be the big selling point so…

I liked the writing style but the series isn’t for me – the heroine lacked snark and her adaptation to her home was too slick and lacked believability.

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