Bear Claw Security
– box series
Terry Bolryder
fantasy, paranormal, investigation, security, shifters
four star - Bears are secure: book review

When you hire a bodyguard at Bear Claw Security, you might just get a little more than you asked for....

Five sexy, action-packed books! Big, brawny bear shifters are here to protect and please while finding their curvy mates in the process! If you like tough bear shifters and steamy romance, this series is for you!

Bear to the Bone: Cage McCann is heading back to his hometown to win over, and save, the love of his life, childhood friend Carrie. But can one bear fight back an entire town of corrupt bikers while protecting and wooing his mate?

Bear-ly a Hero: Grumpy computer expert Limes is great at programming, great at fighting, bad at dealing with people. Especially gentle human females. But when a potential client mistakes him for a criminal and brains him with an umbrella, he realizes that not only has he found his mate, but also, that for the right person he might just be able to be a hero.

Bear to the Rescue: Big, tough Bronson is used to running the crew at Bear Claw and keeping unruly bears in order. But can he stay profession when he falls for (and has to protect) his new employee?

Bear-ly Human: Hercules is an ex special forces soldier and the newest employee at Bear Claw Security. When a woman from his past comes striding into his work, needing someone to act as a fake fiancée, Hercules knows he's the only man for the job. Even if he'd rather be her real fiancée instead.

Bear to the End: Mark Bronson is the newest addition at Bear Claw Security. Despite his fancy clothes and his former position as head of a highly successful company, he's now ready to use his big, muscular body for crunching bad guys instead of crunching numbers.

This was a freebie from KU and was ideal to while away the time during COVID shielding lockdown.

For its genre it was beautifully written. The books follow the bear shifters who work at the security firm as they find and woo their mates.

Of course, the wooing isn’t straight forward, and the males have to learn that their mates are feisty, strong-willed and physically strong females too. Not to mention crafty as well as highly intelligent.

As you may guess, the males are large men. Often 6 foot 6 and above and ‘built’ – muscly. Several served in the armed forces especially the special sections and have serious military backgrounds which make working as bodyguards an easy option.

There were a few grammatical errors – but then 95% of all the books I read have them and I only really complain when they impeded the story continuity or comprehension, but overall negligible for the length – 11,347 pages.

bear - Bears are secure: book review

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