A gripping and pacey thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the moment you turn the first page. The perfect read for fans of Martina Cole.

So, I am not really a fan of Martina Cole but this story on the other hand… I was gripped by the complex and involved plot and how the emotions of the lead dectective were protrayed as her background become visible to the reader, and then to her colleagues.

there is just one thing, why are all the femal detectives protrayed in novels angst ridden? Why can’t they be nice with simple and homely, interesting but in a good way, well adjusted, happy even, and members of a police ut=nit where people get along. I know that this would be a different genre but….

Despite this minor complaint, the book is fast paced and gritty and should appeal to those who like their crime to be set in urban surroundings.

Now. A point of information. there is in the book a brief discussion of ducks and their sex life – so go see www.news.com.au which is a serious study of ducks and how they procreate. And not forgetting that female ducks can be quite promiscuous around mating time – they will sometimes choose multiple partners in order to receive the best genetic material. Hence you can see duck mums with a brood of many different colours, or even species, ducklings. Ducks (and many birds truth) are far from monogamous, it is all about obtaining the best and, hopefully, the strongest genes for your children. So, if one duck can be superseded by another, Mrs Duck will happily participate!

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