Stormy Sophie: A hot tempered woman changes the life of a billionaire for ever
Bonjour Never Land Book 1
Stella and Phillip Lemarque
Comedy, Satire, American Humorous Writing, Food
October 9, 2018

A cross between “ The Devil Wear Prada”, “ The Nanny Diaries”. and “ The Asian Crazy Rich.”  Stormy Sophie shows the other side of working as “Chef” in private estate, while still remaining light, fun and a pleasure to read. The book also shows how working as a “couple” can be a life-expanding experience.
The Bonjour Never Land series is a five-book romp through the private lives of the billionaires and celebrities during the 1990s. Stormy Sophie is the first novella, it hits all the marks in a simultaneously humorous and heartbreaking examination among the super-rich and aspiring super-rich. From L.A, New York and Miami, Pierre and Sophie with all the instincts about caregiving must navigate their employer’s bizarre, capricious and selfish escapes. Drawn from the real-life career of the authors, Pierre and Sophie’s second chance at love and fortune is both a contemporary hilarious satire and adventures in culinary audacit

The stories by this pair of authors and real life partners, are loosely based on their real life experiences. My one fault with this book is that it was a novella – but then they have more stories to tell and have spaced them out across several books.

So this is very much a story with a difference – all about the very weird rich of the States who are rich enough to have their strange tastes catered for – in all senses of the word.

Sophie and Pierre (see Stella and Phillip!) are chefs and house managers and general organisers of food and dining experiences etc.  they are currently, in this story, making a living now as live in chefs for these weird rich people as both have failed restaurants(and money losses) in their business past, and also they are trying to now save money to go and live in France. They have been taken on by an agency and go to try out 2 new positions.

I found that their separate voices came across very clearly in the story telling as did their real experiences with such people. But I did find the beginning of the book confusing and yet there didn’t seem to be a prequel – you are just thrown into the story and you pick up their background gradually. I’m glad I didn’t let the beginning put me off.

The houses and life styles of these very rich are bizarre indeed – as our their habits which become obsessions. As they are so rich they have no-one who is willing to naysay them and so it can continue until they get bored and move on to the next obsession.

I am so willing to read the next in the series – Money Galore…

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