Haven Island
Isabel Jolie
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance
Publication date: June 8th 2021

I can be your dream girl…for a price…

Ever heard of Only Fans? It’s not my ideal job, but it pays the bills.
It’s even made me somewhat of a celebrity. My subscribers love my provocative shots, and I’m oh-so-good at teasing them.
Then he shows up in my small town and complicates everything.
See, Mr. Green-Eyed Gazillionaire is so far out of my league it’s ridiculous. We’re polar opposites.
That doesn’t change the fact that even though I’m a fantasy to most men, I only want to be his reality.
But nothing real can ever happen between us. Logically, I know that.
Too bad logic and I have never had anything but a passing acquaintance.
Because now, if I’m not careful, I’m afraid this sexy billionaire will smash my poor, pathetic heart into oblivion…

A delicious hot billionaire romance featuring two polar opposites adrift on a resort island with a small-town atmosphere, right of the coast of North Carolina.

This is a steamy contemporary romance with a happily ever after, no cliffhanger, and no cheating.


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Isabel Says:

  • What is your favourite genre?

Contemporary romance. Next favorite would be Historical romance. Always, always, romance.

  • Which author had the most influence on your writing? Your writing style? Your writing genre?

I’d have to say Jewel E. Ann. Mainly because she has absolutely refused to follow a similar pattern for her plots and her storylines are each so unique. She doesn’t even write many series (which is almost shocking in the Indie romance space). I think because her books are so unique, I justified writing different subgenres in one series…because I felt like ‘hey, she did it…and she kicks ass doing it.’

  • I write in a series world, but because of her, I felt emboldened to write what I wanted to write. For example, in my first series I have both a rom com and a romantic suspense. Same friends. Very different stories. It’s not exactly what she does…and it’s not at all recommended by the “experts”. But, I think she kind of proves you can do things your own way. I’d like to be her when I grow up.
  • In your opinion who is the funniest author now writing.

Hands down Jana Aston.

  • If you could be any fictional character, which would you be? And why?

My old standby to this answer used to be Claire from Outlander.  Because I’d really love to be able to time travel and I’d really, really love to find Sam Heughan in this alternate reality.

But, I recently read Him and Us from Sarina Bowen….and I don’t know. Jamie Canning would be a damn good character to be…he’s got a great family and one hunk of a hockey husband. AND he’s a kick ass goalie spending his days coaching.

And there’s Becca from Brooklynaire by Sarina Bowen…she marries Nate, who might be one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends. I *love* me a sexy nerd.

This question is a tough one. Because, then I think…I’d really love to be a rock star. So, I could be Nikki from Elle Greco’s Heartbreak Beat…leggy, gorgeous with an edge, jamming on the drums for not one but two bands with a hawt front man…. I’d bet she’s even wrinkle-free.

So many options…but I suppose the way I’m feeling this morning, I’m gonna go with Nikki and gain some musical chops.

  • If you could choose to live in another country/town – which would you choose? And why?

My husband and I often have these conversations. Our kids love North Carolina and I have to say, we live in a great area for a kid to grow up. There’s a lake in our backyard, the neighborhood is safe. It’s a good, easy life. That said, the day after we unload the youngest at college, we’re planning on relocating. So….where to? Top of our list includes Edinburgh Scotland, Dublin Ireland, Vancouver Canada, Seattle Washington and Santa Barbara California. Why? These are all places we’ve been that we absolutely love, with great vibes, proximity to the ocean, and enough of a city to feel alive but not such an enormous city that it feels dirty or claustrophobic.

There’s an island off the coast of North Carolina called Bald Head. My husband and I were married there and we visit almost every summer. You have to take a ferry, there are no cars, and even though it’s really close to the mainland, you feel like you’re in another country. It’s the inspiration for my Haven Island Series. And the next series…currently titled Twisted Vines…will take place in Napa Valley…another one of my favorite places to visit.

Author Bio

Isabel Jolie, or Izzy to her friends, is an Amazon bestselling indie author with an unquenchable thirst for a good, sexy love story. Izzy’s heart pumps faster for stories with strong heroines, down-to-earth realism, and an unexpected twist.

When she’s not writing or reading, she can often be found with a glass of wine in hand relaxing with her husband, daughters, and good friends lakeside.

Izzy fills her Instagram feed with funnies, inspirational “brain candy”, and anything that meshes with her mood of the day. #mood.

Isabel - Drifting where? Author interview

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