The Eighth Hell Book Cover The Eighth Hell
Sisters of the Storm #3
by Guy Estes
Sci Fi & Fantasy
Pub Date 8 May 2018

The most dangerous women in the world dare the most dangerous place in the world.

The Shingora, a place known and dreaded by all, the name driving those who hear it to mutter prayers and make signs for protection. None who have gone to that island ever came back… until now.

The trade guilds sent an expedition there, hoping to find a wellspring of natural resources. Only one man returned, his experience having reduced him to gibbering madness. Now the guilds are sending a new expedition, three hundred strong and armed for war, to learn the fate of the previous one and rescue the survivors… if there are any.

Joining them are the Chosen sisters: Aleena Kurrin, the Battle Queen, gifted by the gods in war, and Baezha Ambrose, the Witch Queen, gifted by the gods in magic. Sworn to recover any survivors, they are joined by a host of new friends and brave an island teeming with bizarre creatures. And on the Shingora, everything kills.

Yet an even darker discovery awaits them in the Shingora’s depths, an unnatural horror far worse than anything the island’s sinister reputation ever hinted at. And while immersed in all the island’s perils, a traitor threatens the company from within. With treacherous enemies at their backs and engulfed by a horde of abominations, the sisters will be tested as they’ve never been tested before… and even those Chosen by the gods have their breaking point.

Though listed as book 3 in a series, this is a stand-alone novel.

A Boys Own Adventure to the centre of the World-of the 8th Hell-or the Island Shingora- from whence no-one ever returns.

The author had bags of fun here creating monsters, or he has seriously bad nightmares and this was his therapy_ to write a story that included the worst. And showed off his knowledge of obscure weaponry too.

Ok- Maybe it’s a Girls Own Adventure as most of the men come off really badly in this story. And the women do very well indeed and are not only Amazons, but also the True Chosen [sisters] of the Gods Allena and Baezha, and who are very heroic.

The nasties didn’t frighten me but it’s probably not a good read for those of a timid disposition.

Unfortunately there were quite a few proofreading errors, but all small and thus didn’t impact too much.

Was it good writing? Well maybe-

Was it well told? Maybe.

Would I recommend it? Depends on reader.

Would I read more? No.

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