Married By December: The Engagement
Married By December #1-5
Ava Lyon
New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance
Pub Date 10 Jul 2020

He is the good-looking boss seeking a billion dollars investment. She is the brand manager of his company. How far will they go to get the deal?

Mia is the best dressed feisty brand manager who fixes things. She strongly believes in her independence as a woman and will not let a man define her happiness. However, her mother believes that the most significant achievement in a woman’s life is to have a husband.

Alan is Mia’s boss. He is in desperate need for a billion dollars investment so he can take his company to the next level. He built the company from scratch, and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get the investment required to take his company forward.

The investor is very conservative and will not back a company run by a celibate.

Mia agrees to help Alan get the investment even though she has a secret crush on him. Will they find love in the middle of this crisis or will their emotions ‘run high’ and ruin everything?

The Engagement is the first book of 'Married by December Series'. It is fully packed with laughter, heartache, excitement and much more.

This was part one of a set of 5 ‘chapters’. Each novella carried on the story although they completed a part in themselves but failed to make a book. I read the further 4 ‘chapter/novellas from KU. Even so, the totality of the 5 was a short book.

It was a sweet and contemporary story set in our high tech world with their fantasy Silicon Valley and programming and Apps. It was a story about just how can you attract investors into your concept and what did they want in return apart from a chunk of your business. Mia and Alan find an innovative way to address this by faking a relationship for the very traditional, small ‘c’ conservative Investor. Mid-West type all about family and marriage and children etc. And the only possible candidate is a very smart PR manager who wears designer unlike the rest of the nerds – who think a clean t-shirt is going all out. [I’ve worked with them, so I know first hand!]

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Nicely written but in reality Part 1 is merely a Prologue and NG should have offered the full 5 parts.

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