Power of Three Book Cover Power of Three
Power Rising Book #1
Cathy Parker
Science Fiction, first Contact, Alien Invasion
Bublish Incorporated, BooksGoSocial
August 28, 2019

An alien child catapults by sheer chance to earth. A beluga whale longs for freedom from the cruel confines of her small blue pool. Two powerful other-worldly beings seek to plunder our world, destroying our people and our resources. In this fast-paced, science fiction thrill ride, it falls to the fiercely independent bystander, Shannon Kendricks, attorney and seaquarium volunteer, to return the child Essi to her world. To find a way to free the desperate beluga, Juneau. To defeat the ancient aliens. On the upside, with the arrival of Essi, Shannon is startled to find not only does her physical appearance change dramatically, but she now possesses useful, near-magical traits to help her with barriers that appear insurmountable. But Shannon soon learns the most terrible threat comes from within: a bizarre lavender lightning strike has caused the minds of the beluga and child to enter Shannon's own mind. Their presence consumes many more calories than Shannon can possibly take in. They are killing her. In a desperate attempt to finish what she's set out to do before she dies, Shannon enlists the help of her friends. Not everyone will survive. And . . . who or what is the other dark force that Shannon discovers lurking in the shadows with the alien invaders?

A very strange tale indeed – dust in your mind? And alien powers? And I did wonder how she kept a dog of that size in a small place, glad she had a dog walker, but still.
I really found this tale compelling but odd, I did want the whale to go free as I am very much against all zoos and keeping animals for performances. I understand treating them until they are well, but free them afterwards, so I was urging her on all the time.
Would I read a follow-up story? I don’t think so. I am not really sure where you can go with this other than using the Lavender to discover emotions and possibly PI work. But it would be interesting if she does go up to the Arctic and work with whale rescue but that is a whole different story.

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