spitfir - Greed leads to downfalls A Duke is Never Enough
Spitfire Society
Darcy Burke
Historical Fiction , Romance
Darcy Burke Publishing
Pub Date 25 Feb 2020
four star - Greed leads to downfalls

From the USA Today bestselling author of The Untouchables series comes your next Regency obsession: The Spitfire Society... Meet the smart, independent women who’ve decided they don’t need Society’s rules, their families’ expectations, or, most importantly, a husband. But just because they don’t need a man doesn’t mean they might not want one.

Notorious rake Marcus Raleigh, Marquess of Ripley, is gracing the gossip pages for a new reason: the rumors he may have murdered his swindling cousin. His quest for answers regarding his cousin’s death leads him to an incomparable self-declared spinster, and he is—for the first time—beguiled beyond reason. Neither is what the other wants, and yet their intense mutual infatuation is inescapable.

After abandoning her philandering betrothed at the altar, Phoebe Lennox fled from London only to return an heiress who refuses to follow the ton’s rules. She won’t risk a relationship of any kind—until she meets the scandalous Marquess of Ripley. Swept into his seductive embrace, her resolve falters in the face of a pleasure she never anticipated. But when the truth about Marcus and the murder come to light, Phoebe could lose everything she holds dear, including a love for all time.

Darcy delivers another nice historical romance.
This book continues that sort of the fraud investment scheme from previous books in this series. Moving in the same social circles and meeting more people from this society we encounter Drobbit. Drobbit and his cousin in fact. Drobbit being the scoundrel who has been the front person who has persuaded a number of gentlemen to invest in a scheme that promises high returns. These gentlemen are either greedy or in need of funds and thus a scheme that promises high returns for their capital is enticing. Of course it is a pyramid scheme that only provides the high returns on the very first small tranche of investment that persuades them to invest the larger portion. Which is then lost of course. Drobbit has either spent it or given it elsewhere to repay his debts or perhaps was an early investor in this scheme himself?
And of course there is a romance.

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